Top MP3 and Music Players for Exercisers

I discovered how crucial music is to my exercise routine when the batteries on my MP3 player died right in the middle of a workout. Without my favorite tunes, that treadmill got mighty boring...but it gave me some time to look around the gym and see what everyone else was doing. As I suspected, almost everyone had some form of music player, which inspired me to list some of my favorite music players for exercisers.  Music almost always makes your workouts better.


There's almost nothing better than an iPod touch when it comes to exercise.  Not only does it hold all your music, you can download a variety of workout apps to make your workouts even better.  Motion Traxx, Run Keeper and FIT Radio are just some of my favorite fitness apps.


The Nano is another great choice for exercisers because it's tiny, holds tons of music (depending on how much memory you get) and it weighs almost nothing. My husband has one, and I often use it for running workouts because I can put it in my pocket and it doesn't bounce around. It comes in a variety of colors and my husband recommends you get the most memory you can to avoid overdosing on the same songs. Another plus - shake it and it will shuffle to a different song in your library.


The shuffle is definitely a bare bones MP3 player that doesn't allow many choices. There is no display, so you don't know what's coming next. I really like this concept, and I think this is a good choice if you have the time to spend building new playlists, which is the only way to hear new music. It's also smaller than a pack of gum, so it's easy to stash in your pocket for workouts. If you like more control about what you're listening, you may want one of the other choices.


The SanDisk Clip sport is a great choice for the budget-conscious exerciser.  It's specifically designed for exercisers with a clip so you can just slip it onto your clothes and it's lightweight so it doesn't bounce around when you exercise.  It has a large LCD screen for navigation and it includes an FM tuner so you can listen to the radio.  It comes with 8 GB of storage space and, here's a plus - It also has a micro SDHC card slot so you can add more memory.  At around $40, this is a great buy.


The SanDisk Clip Jam player is similar to the sport player above, but is even more lightweight with a 1-inch LCD screen.  It also comes with a clip, so you don't have to waste money on an arm-band.  It also has 8 GB of storage and comes with a microSD card slot to add more memory.  There's an FM radio tuner and you can easily create new playlists with the bright screen and large navigation buttons.  As simple music players go, this one's a winner and it's only around $30.


Now, this is an interesting option if you want a simple music player with a few little extras.  First, there's the pedometer to count your steps and then you have 80 hours of listening time for your music, ebooks, the radio or anything else you can think about listening to when you're exercising.  It also has Bluetooth capabilities, so you can pair your wireless headphones if you like.  At around $20-$25 you get a lot for your money.


This is another interesting option, an MP3 player that's built into headphones, making it one of the smallest, most portable of the MP3 players.  Probably the best feature:  It's waterproof.  You can wear it while swimming, running in the rain or just sweating all over the place.  It has 8GB of memory and the memory unit it detachable so you can connect it to your computer to add songs and playlists.  Pretty cool, if you ask me.


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