Pedometer Walking Programs for Groups and Individuals

Motivating Programs for Groups and Individuals

Do you want to motivate yourself to walk more, using your pedometer? Do you want to get your employees moving more, or inspire your school class to be more active? A pedometer program can be used to motivate you and others towards that goal. With the programs listed, a pedometer walking program book, log, or online club is included. Some are suitable for a corporate wellness program or a school challenge.

Many fitness monitors, such as Fitbit, have goals, trophies, badges and friendly competitions built into their online dashboard or mobile app. But you may have an old-school non-connected pedometer or want to compete with others who don't have the same brand of fitness tracker.

For health, you should aim for at least 6000 steps a day, and for weight loss your goal should be 10,000 steps a day. Pedometer walking programs can also reduce sitting time.


Webwalking USA Map
Webwalking USA Map. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Track your pedometer walking steps, miles, or time on a virtual walk on the American Discovery Trail from Atlantic to Pacific. You will print out logs to use to record your stats. This is a free program.



Walker Tracker Logo
Walker Tracker Logo. Walker Tracker

Walker Tracker designs walking-based wellness programs for communities, large and small companies and schools. Their platform and app can link to popular fitness trackers such as Fitbit or users can enter their steps each day. Programs are custom designed so you can get the right amount of interaction, challenges and rewards for your group. They have made innovative programs such as Every Step Counts for Hadassah. In that program, women use their pedometer step counts to go on a virtual pilgrimage from New York to Jerusalem, learning about history and tradition as their step count takes them past sites of interest.



New Lifestyles offers over 20 different versions of school and adult pedometer walking programs with three base kits--WOW (the WHOLE WATUSI!!!), GUS (Get-You-Started), and BEK (Bare Essentials). Choose from programs geared to elementary and secondary schools or teens and adults. Their CHALLENGE charts let you do a virtual walk across various geographic regions.



Rob Sweetgall has individual and school programs. The individual program includes the Pedometer Walking book and 52-week log and your choice of Digiwalker pedometers. The school/club Smart Stepping Program incorporates pedometers, student logs, a Walk Across America theme, a staff wellness program and family activities. He also has a chart to "Walk Across America" like Rob did - 7 times.



CHALLENGE charts are a great way to motivate yourself, your class, or your club to get walking. Use the charts to track your walking mileage towards destinations such as Across America, To Hawaii, Across the Wild West. It's fun and visual, you don't need to remember to check an app when it's posted on your bulletin board or refrigerator.



Global Corporate Challenge
Global Corporate Challenge. Global Corporate Challenge

This 100-day workplace wellness challenge has engaged almost a million people worldwide since 2003. Companies purchase the program and form teams of seven. Each employee wears a pedometer, aiming to log at least 10,000 steps per day. By logging their steps online, they go on a virtual race around the world and compete with other teams within their company.
Interview and Profile: Global Corporate Challenge



10,000 Steps a Day is an 8-week program for a reasonable price. It includes an optional pedometer, access to the web site for logging and coaching tips, printed materials including exercises and tips and a weekly newsletter.



You can use WalkingSpree as an individual or join as a group. It is suitable for employee wellness programs from small companies to large corporations. You can use either their fitness tracker or link up your compatible Fitbit or Omron pedometer.


WalkSmart America

This program is free with a pedometer purchase at or you can join for a yearly fee. Use their online step/exercise log to record your activity. See how you are performing towards your daily goal, and track along on virtual walks.


Fitbug has provided both individual and corporate pedometer programs for many years. They currently offer a variety of pedometers that link to apps and can be used by individuals. They also can provide a corporate wellness program that includes team competitions.