Top Pedometers for Kids

Do you want to encourage your kids to get the 12,000 steps per day that researchers say they need to prevent childhood obesity? A pedometer is a great way to see whether they are on track. Here are pedometer designs that should help motivate kids to get in enough activity per day. One key can be in making it a family game. Don't just give your kid a pedometer, get one for yourself and join in! Each of these pedometers has incentives for parents to be part of the game, too.

GeoPalz Pedometer

Geopalz Pedometers
Geopalz Pedometers. Courtesy of

Best for: Age 5 to 12
GeoPalz pedometers come in a variety of kid-attracting shapes. They include pretty ones, sporty ones, and edgy Skelanimals shapes. A child or pre-teen can enjoy wearing such designs on their shoe or waistband. That can be the key to encouraging them to use the pedometer. This is a simple pedometer that only counts steps, so there are no complicated functions for kids. It comes with an access code to the Walk to Win website where kids can log their steps and earn certificates and prizes. Parents can get a summary of their kid's activities emailed to them. The pedometer doesn't upload the steps, so you can use any pedometer once you have access to the website. That is handy in case the GeoPalz goes missing. The GeoPalz are inexpensive and make a good first pedometer.

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Garmin vivofit jr.

Garmin vivofit jr.
Garmin vivofit jr. Courtesy of

Best for: Age 4 to 9
This activity tracker band is designed by Garmin to make reaching daily activity goals fun. It also allows parents set rewards for kids doing their chores or timed tasks, such as spending an hour on homework. Kids earn virtual coins towards the rewards that are controlled by the parental app. The band has a one-year battery life and is soft and kid-friendly but can be swapped for the Garmin vivofit 3 bands as they grow. It's water-friendly as well. The band tracks steps, active minutes, and sleep. It has a Move Bar that displays when the child is inactive, encouraging them to be active throughout the day.

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LeapBand by LeapFrog

LeapBand by LeapFrog
LeapBand by LeapFrog. Courtesy of Amazon

Best for ages 4 - 7
Keep your child challenged by loading up to 50 fun activities on this band. You can set play times and encourage them to get in enough activity. Play with the customized animal avatar and earn rewards for the virtual pet.

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Striiv Pedometer

Striiv. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Best for: Age 8 to 80.
This is a fun pedometer that kids won't grow out of. It has a full-color touchscreen display that will appeal to today's techno kids and teens. Striiv turns step counting into a game. And not just one game -- you can make your steps count in a variety of ways that will be fun for pre-teens through older adults. Throughout the day you respond to challenges, engage in virtual races, compete with other Striiv wearers and build up energy points to play in the MyLand game. You earn credits in a virtual walkathon for charities. Striiv can upload its data to a computer, but you don't need a computer to enjoy most of its features. It can be carried in a pocket or pack or worn on a waistband.
Drawback: This is an expensive pedometer. If your kid doesn't wear it, don't waste the purchase, start wearing it yourself! However, it's also been discontinued by Striiv, so get it while you can.

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KidFit by X-Doria Activity and Sleep Tracker

KidFit by X-Doria Activity and Sleep Tracker
KidFit by X-Doria Activity and Sleep Tracker. Wendy Bumgardner ©

Best for ages 5 - 13
This wristband fitness and sleep tracker comes with a slapband, available in four fun colors. It syncs with an app for both iOS and Android. It doesn't display time or steps on the wristband. The app sets goals for the child and displays an activity score of 0 - 100% plus total steps and distance for the day. It also tracks sleep. The app can track more than one child's activity.

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iBitz PowerKey for Kids

iBitz PowerKey Screen Shot
iBitz PowerKey Screen Shot. iBitz Screen Shot by Wendy Bumgardner

This activity tracker connects with iOS devices to turn steps into games and enable parents to give rewards for their child's steps. The monitor has no display of its own, so syncing it with the device is the key to the fun. They also have an adult version and app, the Unity, which can give you full data on demand. The graphics for the PowerKey are fun.
Review of iBitz PowerKey for Kids

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