Top 5 Personality Tests for Stress Relief

Certain personality traits can contribute to success, health and wellness, or can put you at risk for unhappiness, frustration in life, and even an increased risk of disease! These select personality tests can help you to assess yourself and find simple changes that can make a significant impact on your stress level and overall happiness in life.

Type A Personality Test

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People with a Type A Personality may get that way through inborn traits or environmental circumstance, but either way, if you have a Type A personality, you're at a greater risk for health problems, relationship stress, and a greater level of frustration in life. This personality test can help you determine if you have any (or many!) Type A Personality traits, and supply you with resources for positive change.

Perfectionist Personality Test

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If you tend toward perfectionism, you may believe that you're just being more efficient, but you may actually be accomplishing less and stressing much more! But what distinguishes perfectionists from mere high achievers? Take this personality test and find out if your drive for success is healthy or if you tend toward perfectionism, and discover resources to relax your perfectionistic traits (if necessary) so that you can accomplish more and experience less stress in the process!

Optimism Personality Test

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Research shows that there are many benefits to optimism. Those who have an optimistic point of view are healthier, happier, less stressed, more successful and more. However, there are some very specific features that go with optimistic thinking; many people believe that they are optimists when they actually have more limiting thought patterns. The Optimism Personality Test can assess your thinking style and give you specific exercises to develop an optimally optimistic point of view. (Note: your results may surprise you!)

Assertiveness Personality Test

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How you handle conflict has a major impact on the amount of relationship stress you have in your life, both with those from your inner circle and those you encounter on a casual basis. Those who don't handle conflict in an assertive manner tend to cause resentment and confusion in their dealings with people, or allow others to treat them in a disrespectful manner! Take the Assertiveness Personality Test and assess your conflict resolution style, finding resources for better relationship in the end.

Locus of Control Personality Test

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Do you feel that you're in control of your life, or that you're at the mercy of events that are beyond your control? Your answer has a significant impact on how much stress you feel in a given situation, and affects how you structure your life! This 12-question quiz is designed to assess your attitudes and thought patterns regarding your locus of control--whether you feel your life is controlled by fate or choice--and provide you with information you can use to create the life you want.