Top 12 Personalized Gifts Your Teacher Will Love

Ideas for When You Want to Give More Than a Well-Deserved Hug

Sometimes parents want to give more than a hug or a handshake to thank their child's teacher or caregiver for a job well done. After all, these professionals dedicate themselves to enriching the life of your child--and often don't get paid a lot for the tremendous effort they put in each day. Special appreciation doesn't have to be expensive. Here are 12 practical and often inexpensive personalized teacher gift ideas (most are under $25 and many are a lot cheaper).


Teacher Sitting at a School Desk Showing a Book to a Parent and Her Son
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With motivational book selections such as "Beyond Heroes and Holidays" or "The Inspiring Teacher: Making a Positive Difference in Students' Lives," parents should check out the National Education Association's online bookstore for new releases and topics of interest. The books can make for a great read during summer months or school-year breaks.



You pick the name, paper and ink color, pad design, and you're done! Personalized teacher notepads are a gift certain to be used and appreciated, and this site offers free shipping.



Personalized desk accessories provide a thoughtful and useful touch that are just the right size for teacher's usually crowded work spaces.



Encourage your child's teacher to get comfy in the classroom or at home to rest up after a long day! There are countless throws with inspirational teacher blankets to consider. Or, you can simply pick up a soft fleece blanket in a favorite color from a local store and tuck it in with a cherished book!


Teacher's Calendar

This inexpensive book keeps teachers in the day-to-day know of upcoming holidays, historic events, birthdays, and special Days, weeks, and months. It is certain to be an often-referred to resource!

Make A Wish Merchandise

Every purchase of Make-A-Wish merchandise benefits the Foundation, and since it is truly all about the kids, what could be a more special gift from the heart? Items vary from a $2 Make-A-Wish magnetic star, of which 100 percent of proceeds go to the Foundation, to apparel, chocolate, holiday keepsakes, and more. With the promise of "Share the power of a wish," you can do no wrong and teachers will love the sentiment!


What teacher wouldn't love a school-themed painted pot filled with edible goodies and treats?


Canvas Tote Bags

A canvas tote bag bearing the message, "Teachers Have Class," or "Those Who Love Teaching Help Others Love Learning" is a practical gift to help teachers/caregivers carry their supplies, books and planners in. Tote bags can be personalized or compliment a teacher's favorite color!


If your area has a local Starbucks (and don't most communities nowadays?), consider giving a beloved Starbucks card so your child's teacher/caregiver can savor some rich coffee to kick start a day or to unwind after a hectic week. Don't have a local Starbucks? Either opt instead for a local coffee spot or consider ordering a Starbucks card for online use. That way, your teacher can get Starbucks products delivered right to her home!


1001 Best Websites for Educators Book

Open a teacher's eyes on how to use the web for inspiring activities, lesson plans, software applications, pen pal projects, and much, much more.

Amazon Gift Card

Here's a gift idea that will truly please everyone! An Amazon gift card can be used ... for just about anything! And that's the point! Or, if you don't think your teacher is an online shopper, consider instead purchasing a generic one like a Visa gift card or one from a favorite store. Just remember to tuck in a child's hand-crafted card from the heart and you're good to go!

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