5 Top Baby Rain Coats

April showers bring May flowers, and if you don't dress your baby in appropriate rain gear it may bring April colds as well. However, finding baby raincoats that are small enough for your little one can be more than a bit challenging. Lucky for you, I've put this list of options together for you.​​​

L.L. Bean Discovery Rain Jacket (and Pants)

baby rain jackets
LL Bean Discovery Rain Jacket. PriceGrabber

It shouldn't be rocket science that one of my top picks for baby raincoats is made by a company so well-known for its apparel and outdoor line. L.L. Bean's Discovery Rain Coat, hands down, is my top pick for raincoats for your baby.

Why? Well, sizing is one. It really is hard to find a rain jacket for a baby, and L.L. Bean makes one that fits babies as young as 6 months old. Made from weather-proof nylon with taped seams, it really does the job at keeping your baby dry. I also find the matching pull-on rain pants great for damp strolls or trips to the park when the slides or swings are a little moist. If your baby is walking, the pants plus LL Bean's Puddle Stompers Rain Boots set your baby up for a great day of puddle jumping too!)

Available in 5 bold spring colors, this rain jacket is well-priced, especially considering the quality of the jacket.


Kushies Splish Splash Rain Jacket

Kushies is a well-known company among parents who use cloth diapers, but they also make wicked cool baby raincoats​ (sorry, the New Englander in me slipped out).

Their Splish Splash rain jacket also begins sizing for 6-month-old babies, and they have matching drawstring pants with adjustable leg hems. I love that the jacket is edged in a reflective safety strip, and the hooded visor helps protect little ones who feel encumbered by the protection of an umbrella.

Available in a variety of colors. 


Wrapeaze Rain

baby jain coat
Wrapeaze Rain Poncho. PriceGrabber

If you are looking for a baby rain poncho rather than a rain jacket, then I'd highly recommend this one from Wrapeaze. You can throw it on directly over top of your babies clothing and outerwear to keep them protected from wet weather.

This poncho is sized with sort of a one-size-fits-all mentality, and so the smallest size is intended for 0-24 months and the largest size is for adults. You can purchase matching ponchos for the entire family if you like!

Only available only in yellow, the poncho has a simple velcro closure and pulls on and off with ease.

Tuffo Muddy Buddy Overalls

baby rain coat
Muddy Buddy Rain Overalls. Tuffo

Now, this is some rugged wet weather gear! But the truth is that the Tuffo Muddy Buddy Overalls aren't just for rainy days. These coveralls are great for keeping clothes clean when playing in the mud, exploring ponds and beaches, or any kind of messy play. The dual front zippers help them go on and off in a jiffy.

The downside is that this rain gear is more sized with the toddler in mind, with the smallest size at 12 months (20 lbs/28.5"). Keep in mind the Muddy Buddy is sized generously with the intention that it goes over your child's clothing and other outerwear). Practically designed with reinforced nylon through the seat and knees, I read multiple exceptional on-line reviews from very please parents.

Available in yellow, blue, and pink.

Hatley Infant Rain Bundler

baby rain coat
Hatley Infant Rain Bundler. PriceGrabber

The cute prints of Hatley's Infant Rain Bundlers are just irresistible if you ask me. These rain overalls are lined in soft terry cloth for added comfort. Bootstraps on the cuffs keep pant legs from riding up.

To help keep baby dry, the Rain Bundler features a wide brim on the hood, reinforced seams, and waterproof fabric. The smallest size is intended for 12-18 month-old babies, so it wouldn't work well for smaller babies.

Available in several different prints.