Gift Picks for Mothers-to-be

Mother's Day is a celebration of motherhood, and that includes the expectant mother. Though these gifts are also good for any day or baby showers. Every mother-to-be needs a bit of pampering and TLC. Here are some suggestions for gifts to make the mother-to-be in your life smile.


I love my Mommy Tags! This personalized jewelry is an amazing tribute to mothers and allows you to easily show off your baby's name and birth day in a sleek and stylish fashion. It's also really nice because you can easily add multiple children at a later time. I have seven tags and it's still not overwhelming so it can work for moms with lots of kids or even grandmas.


A great J shaped body pillow for pregnancy. This will help you get a good night sleep. This pillow offers total body support to help ease the aching joints and back pain that can sometimes interrupt sleep during pregnancy. It also holds up well through an entire pregnancy and beyond, which is not true of all pillows.

Sane Fitness Preggers

Photo (c) Price Grabber
This handy pack of cards helps you create work outs for pregnancy, designed with the second and third trimesters in mind. You can mix and match or use their suggested patterns for a full body work out with minimal equipment. You get 72 cards with workouts, a box to hold it all and a card holder for holding the cards you're currently working with this week. These cards certainly take the guess work out of your workouts and work really well when you can't remember what you're doing, should be doing or shouldn't be doing.


This is a really nice pregnancy journal that can be as much or as little as you need. While it has a space for day to day writing with prompts, you can also simply write when you feel the urge or what you want to write. Sprinkled throughout are facts about that stage of pregnancy for a positive, reassuring message about pregnancy.

Birth Ball

Photo (c) Price Grabber
This 65 cm ball is designed to help make pregnancy more comfortable. It can also aid in exercise routines and works great as a comfort tool in labor. Don't let the name fool you - this ball is great for the entire pregnancy. It helps mom maintain her posture which can help her feel more stable and have less pain. A great gift for any day!

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