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Top Countdown of Pregnancy Pins in 2015

If you love Pinterest and you're pregnant, thinking of becoming pregnant, hanging around pregnant people, or simply have had a baby in the past - you will love these pins. There are the most popular pins for all of 2015. I have to say that I was really surprised by some of the top pin getters on the list. Have you seen these pins? Be sure to follow me on Pinterest so you don't miss any great pins.

Grandma and Baby
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I was really surprised that baby names topped my list. Thousands of pins and the boys come out on top with a list of very popular baby names. Gone are the days when you would have to buy a huge book and sit around with it, what I love about these lists is that they cut through the chase.


Boy and Girl Crawling on Floor
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Why were the girls behind? My thought process is that they have more names available that are socially acceptable, that makes it easier to name a girl. That said, they were both neck and neck for the top spot. Is your daughter's name on this list?


Women surrounding a pregnant woman on couch
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Who doesn't love freebies? This is a great list of all the things that you could possible want in pregnancy for free. Some of these are books, some are products, but it's a nice list to get you started in building your nest egg up for baby. This one gets shared for obvious reasons!


Worried in Early Pregnancy
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Sure, there are a lot of cute ideas for pregnancy announcements out there, and I've pinned my fair share, but what's really important is ensuring that you have a pregnancy announcement that is kind, fun, and appropriate. Here is how to avoid the potential land mines of a pregnancy announcement.


Confused young woman
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Did you know that there are things that you can do that will influence whether or not you're having a boy? Here are some things to try from folklore to science and everything in between.


Woman in bed in a hospital being induced
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Most mothers will have some form of fetal monitoring in labor. But most childbirth classes won't tell you how to read a fetal monitor, so here's a crash course to help you feel at ease when looking at the monitor when you give birth.


Couple timing contractions
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The basics of timing contractions will help get you through the early parts of labor when you're on your own. This can also be a great skill at trying to help you figure out when you're in labor or when you are just feeling annoyed by the tightening of your abdomen.


Laboring Woman on Ball
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The birth ball is amazing for your entire pregnancy, but don't forget that it makes a great tool in labor too. Many hospitals offer birth balls to help you ease the pain of labor and to try different positions. You can also take your own ball with you in labor if you prefer. This pin helps you figure out what positions you can use with the birth ball.


Early Pregnancy Boy or Girl?
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If you would prefer to have a girl, this pin will help you figure out what your options are for swaying the odds. Just like the boy version, this covers every aspect from folklore on. Some might be easier to try than other, but it can be a lot of fun to try.


Anatomical model of pregnancy
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We spend a lot of time talking about and thinking about our due dates. This pin spends some time talking about clever ways to count down to your due date. It's a great way to help the time pass, but it's also a really great way to stay involved in your pregnancy. It has ideas that are great for lots of people, including your older kids or parents.


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