Pregnancy Workout DVDs

Pregnant women need more exercise, so says the medical field. When you're looking at doing exercise most every day of the week, it's important that you choose something that is fun and encourages you to do it. If you enjoy your workouts then you will be more likely to do them, which is the only way that they will benefit you and your baby. The benefits include things like fewer aches and pains and a shorter labor. So find a DVD workout and enjoy it - often.


This DVD is so amazing, it's beautiful to look at and fun to do. It contains several parts including a prenatal poses section, guided relaxation, yoga poses for labor (birthing room yoga) and postnatal yoga. This exercise program is done as a joint program between Lamaze International and Yoga Journal, so the science and yoga behind it are sound, but more importantly it's so great to do as a start to the day or even as a nice end of the day workout. It feels so great just to stretch and relax.


Even as a yoga beginner I was able to do most of what the video was talking about. A few times I opted for the third trimester versions, which are often easier or use aids like bolsters or blankets. While this wasn't your typical workout, Rainbeau and I were both a bit short of breath as we got towards the end. I liked the fact that the instructor was open and honest - not to mention having to narrate the entire process.


With the entire pregnancy in mind, the workouts for pilates in pregnancy are great for everyone, even if you haven't done pilates before. There is also a section on regaining your postpartum shape with pilates.


With each of the three trimesters in mind, Denise Austin, melds her personal and professional experience together for an amazing workout. Her perky, well known style of teaching is just as invigorating in pregnancy as it is before and after.


This Kathy Smith pregnancy workout video is a classic, now on DVD. It includes warmups, an aerobics portion as well as a cool down. There is also a very nice postpartum workout. These exercises are for the whole body, including the stretches. This was one of my first pregnancy workout exercises and it still works after all of these years.


Yoga Emergency - Back is designed to give you quick relief for an aching back in pregnancy, postpartum or whenever. This is easy to do and doesn't require a lot of time. The results are amazing!


Bedrest Fitness - Darline Turner-Lee
Bedrest Fitness - Darline Turner-Lee. Photo (c) Darline Turner-Lee

Bedrest Fitness DVD by Darline Turner-Lee is an excellent choice for maintaining your body's muscle tone when pregnancy complications force you to do bedrest for any part of pregnancy. She offers other services related to bedrest as well.



This is a fun workout DVD using a birth ball. Using weights and other forms of exercise, this enjoyable workout enhances your body and well-being throughout pregnancy and well into the postpartum time period.


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