Pregnancy Workout Videos

Exercise in pregnancy has become big business. But not everyone has the time nor inclination to make it to exercise class. So, the next best thing is a pregnancy workout video to help you maintain your fitness level during pregnancy. Here are some of my favorite videos!

Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD

Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD
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The Blooma Prenatal Yoga DVD is a great package for the price. You get, not only a lengthy, but well constructed yoga video for your own exercise or fitness, but many extras as well. In addition to buying this for an individual, this would make a great addition to a childbirth class or in the lending library.

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FitMama by Leisa Hart

FitMama Leisa Hart
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No stranger to the fitness world, Leisa Hart has come up with a really inspiring workout for pregnant moms, focusing on feeling great and lower the number of physical aches. This realistic venture was made easier by the great music, movements and easy to follow instructions. If you are not used to working out it may seem faster than you would hope at first, hang in there as it does get a bit better as you do it more often.

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Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy
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This is a very helpful four segment program for anyone wanting to get the benefits of yoga in pregnancy. There are great break downs including a section specifically for pregnancy and birth that are not repeated in the actual workouts. The women are realistic and the exercises are refreshing.

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ZenMama's Yoga Pregnancy Workout

ZenMama Yoga Workout for Pregnancy
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This yoga DVD (or VHS) is a really great video for beginners and pros alike. The set is calm and relaxing and the actual yoga is fun and a good workout. There is a specific person to follow for each trimester, making it easy to adjust your workout as you go along.

Denise Austin Pregnancy Plus Workout

This was the first pregnancy workout video I owned. I liked the fact that Denise was actually pregnant when she made this and so were the other moms. It also included their birth announcements. Even better was the fast 20 minute postpartum workout included in the video, with real women and real postpartum bellies!

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Buns of Steel 8 - Pregnancy Workout

Another workout video for pregnancy that is a part of a series. Again, if it's a series you like, you'll not be disappointed. The workout is fun and effective!

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Yoga Zone: Postures for Pregnancy

Perhaps yoga is more your speed. Yoga Zone offers a nice pregnancy video that uses many of the poses you're familiar with and some you might not be familiar with. It is fine for beginners to yoga as well.

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ACOG Exercise Program

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) actually did their own video. It's about an hour long and has 5 really pregnant women. It was effective and fun and nice when I needed a longer workout.

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Preggi Bellies DVD

Do you like the birth ball? The Preggi Bellies Workout DVD and Video is a great idea for pregnant and postpartum women of all fitness levels.

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Kathy Smith's Pregnancy Workout

Another oldie but goodie. Kathy Smith is also pregnant in the video and if you're a fan of her other videos this might be the perfect video for you! It's a nice work out that doesn't get boring as others did when I was pregnant. Definitely worth it!

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