The Top 5 Websites to Help You Quit Smoking for Good

Centers for Disease Control and California Smokers' Helpline are great resources

So you have made a decision to quit smoking, a move Americans across the country are pledging to make off and online. Congratulate yourself for taking control of your health and measures to overcome a challenging addiction. The good news is that you do not have to kick the habit alone. Since quitting smoking will probably be one of the most difficult choices you have made, you will definitely need a strong support group, and there's no shortage of such communities on the Internet.

By visiting websites dedicated to smoking cessation, you can get tips on how to leave cigarettes and tobacco behind and connect with other people on your path. Consult a variety of websites to get the information you need or surf the one or two that work best for your lifestyle.


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This excellent online quit smoking website provides you with all the tools that you need to be successful, including an online quit smoking guide, access to printed materials and the ability to talk online with a counselor. With this collective of resources, offers multiple routes to a life without tobacco. 


Verywell's Smoking Cessation Site Provides a Comprehensive Plan

Leave it to verywell to provide readers with a fully comprehensive, quit smoking website with everything you need to quit right at your fingertips. From your own personalized quit-smoking toolkit to shocking tobacco facts, verywell offers one of the best smoking cessation resources on the web.


If you are looking for an honest approach to quitting smoking and fighting nicotine addiction, this smoking cessation website may be for you. Their free guide is full of valuable tips and procedures that really work to help you kick the habit. If you've tried unsuccessfully to quit smoking in the past, this website might lead you to some new strategies.



The California Smokers' Helpline is a telephone program that helps ordinary people like you quit smoking. Helpline services are free and funded by the California Department of Public Health and by First 5 California. The website also offers free phone counseling, quit materials, a NoButts blog and a smoking cessation newsletter. If you live in the great state of California, this website is a valuable resource. If you're outside of California, call for a referral to other agencies. The smokers' helpline can walk you away from the ledge when your journey to quit tobacco seems overwhelming. 



The Centers for Disease Control is an excellent resource for people who'd like to stop smoking. The CDC website provides a wealth of smoking cessation information to the public. With everything from basic facts about smoking and secondhand smoke to global tobacco control, the site gives visitors the tools they need to learn about the consequences of smoking and how to quit. Discover how smoking affects the lives of Americans and how to turn over a new leaf with the CDC.  


Wrapping Up

Quitting smoking is a difficult process. It may take you several attempts before you kick the habit permanently. If you don't succeed right away, be patient with yourself. Identify the triggers that cause you to smoke and take steps to counter them.

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