Spring Fitness Essentials for Men and Women

The best thing about spring, aside from warmer weather, is updating your workout wardrobe. I have to say, spring is the best time to buy workout clothes because the offerings tend to be bright and colorful -- a perfect way to bounce into a new season. Here's a list of my favorite picks, from tops and shorts to shoes and socks, both for men and women. Happy shopping!

Fitness Skort

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Workout skorts are more popular than ever - Flattering, comfortable and offering coverage with a hint of femininity. Plus, you can go straight from a workout out into the world and still look cute.  These are light and comfortable, perfect for walking, running or just about any other activity.

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Nike Essential Running Shorts for Men

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Isn't it funny how women's shorts get shorter and men's get longer? These Nike shorts are a man's basic staple item for just about any workout. They're made of moisture-wicking material that's both stretchy and comfortable, and they work for just about any activity. My husband has a pair and loves them for both running and handball.

Champion Pullover for Women

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Spring weather is a little iffy, and mornings can often be a little cold. The problem is, if you wear too much, you get too warm. That's what makes this top perfect for spring weather. It's comfortable and moisture-wicking, which means you'll stay warmer when it's chilly outside and cooler when it's hotter outside.  Plus, it's cute enough to wear all day long.

Long Sleeve Running Top for Men

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My husband always wears old, ratty cotton tee shirts when he works out. At least, he used to. Now that he's tried shirts of the sweat-wicking variety, he's hooked. This is one of his favorites because it's softer than my cat's belly - And that belly is soft!  In fact, it's so soft that I regularly steal it and wear it during my own workouts.  And when I sleep.  And when I'm just lounging around.  You get the point.

Nike Workout Tights

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The new trend these days?  Funky, colorful tights that work for just about any activity.  As with most workout gear, these are made of  sweat-wicking Dri-FIT fabric and it has a drawcord waistband, which is always a plus for me.  These are cute and functional.

Nike Fitness Pants

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Here in Chicago, walking around in sweatpants is just something the natives do.  In my house, sweatpants are not allowed...well, they're allowed if they're certain types of sweatpants.  Like these.  These aren't really sweatpants, but they are workout pants and they're really good for exercising when it's chilly outside.  Also, they're good for lounging and they look better than plain old sweatpants.

Thorlo Experia Socks

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If you've spent any time on this site, you probably know how much I love Thorlo socks. Sure, they're pricey -- but they are worth it. They provide great, cushy comfort and last a long time. These are my latest favorite and well worth the cost, no matter what activity you engage in.

North Face Women's Wind Jacket

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I love this lightweight jacket for chilly spring workouts. It's light, breathable and it comes in lots of great colors, like this neon pink.  Guaranteed to blind everyone you pass on the trail.

Men's Wind Jacket

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If there's one thing you can count on in the spring, besides weirdly warm/cold weather, is wind.  A windy workout can be an annoying workout, unless you have a jacket like this.  It's light as a feather, but will help protect you from the wind without suffocating you.

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