Stair Lifts May Help People Disabled by Arthritis

Adaptive Equipment for People Who Have Difficulty Climbing Stairs

A disabled person with arthritis who lives in a two-story house may need the assistance a stair lift can provide. It isn't necessary to remain confined to the first floor. There are various mobility aids available. Stair lifts help people who are unable to go up and down stairs to move from one floor to another in their house. Subtle differences among various models of stair lifts allow you to choose the features that suit your specific needs. Also, there are indoor and outdoor models.

Before choosing any particular stair lift, there are important things you should know. It is important to understand how it is assembled and how it works. How much space do you have? Is your staircase straight or curved? Why does that matter? Check out this must-read resource, Stair Lifts: 14 Things You Must Know BEFORE You Buy (from Paul Harlin, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, Certified Accessibility Technician and Licensed Elevator Contractor for Lift and Accessibility Solutions). Then, see some specific options below. 


With AmeriGlide stairlifts you can easily utilize your entire home and go from the first floor to the second floor. All Ameriglide stair lifts have multiple comfort and safety features for indoor use. There are several models available to suit your needs. Comfort features include adjustable footrest and back. It is made to adjust to fit the user.


Harmar stair lift

The Harmar SL350AC Stair Lift is designed with a carriage that is pre-installed on a short section of the aluminum track. It has three settings for the backrest. The fold-up footrest has two different height setting. The seat is wide and well-padded. Has separate controls at top and bottom of stairs.



Acorn outdoor stair lift

The Acorn 130 Outdoor Stairlift helps to maintain your independence. It is designed for comfort and safety. It is weather-proofed and provides a great solution for people who have difficulty with patio or porch steps. Also comes with a waterproof cover.



Bruno stairlift

Bruno stair lift allows a person with mobility problems to enjoy their whole house. Family-owned company, Bruno offers stairlift options to suit your needs, including indoor straight, indoor curved, outdoor straight, and outdoor curved stair lifts.  



This service assists you by comparing all stair lift models and finding a recycled or low priced new stair chair lift in your area.


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