Strategies to Sharpen Thinking Skills

While stress can negatively impact your thinking skills, contributing to memory problems and fuzzy thinking, these techniques have been shown by research to sharpen thinking skills and cognitive functioning while relieving stress and bringing other health benefits at the same time. Learn effective and natural strategies for relieving stress and improving your thinking skills.


Journaling can be a great stress relief.
Journaling can be a great stress relief. peter zelei/Getty Images

Research has shown that journaling has many tremendous benefits ranging from stress relief to reduction in health conditions like asthma. Journaling can also help you improve your thinking skills and create a better life. Learn more about the benefits of journaling and find out the most effective journaling strategies here.



Take a power nap, relieve stress. ULTRA F/ Getty Images

When you don't get enough sleep (as a great proportion of the population doesn't), you have decreased cognitive functioning and can even have the same slowed responses as an intoxicated driver! Learn more about the effects of sleep deprivation and the benefits of the power nap.



Reduce tension, lower blood pressure.
Reduce tension, lower blood pressure.

Multiple studies have shown that high blood pressure is correlated with poorer cognitive performance in older adults, and research shows that this correlation affects younger people as well! These natural treatments for high blood pressure can ward off hypertension and raise your thinking skill level at the same time.



Meditation can sharpen your cognitive skills.
Meditation can sharpen your cognitive skills. RunPhoto/ Getty Images

Meditation provides a great mental workout and can relieve stress and bring other health benefits as well as increasing creativity and sharpening thinking skills. Many people shy away from meditation because it seems challenging or confusing to learn. Fortunately, there are different types of meditation, some of which are easy for beginners. Learn more about meditation and how to get started and you'll do your mind and body a big favor!



Exercise can be a great stress reliever.
Exercise can be a great stress reliever. David De Lossy/ Getty Images

We all know that exercise has many benefits, but did you know that increased I.Q. and sharper thinking skills are among them? Newsweek recently did a feature on the recent research that shows a correlation between aerobic exercise and improved cognitive performance, and it's been discussed online as well. Now you can use this information for your own benefit by using exercise for stress relief as well as improved thinking skills. Learn more about the benefits of exercise and find valuable exercise resources you can use.



Online games can be great for your stress levels and your brain.
There are many interactive resources here to help you relieve stress. Mint Images - Tim Robbins/Getty Images

Mind games can be good for you! No, I don't mean the relationship mind games that we all despise, I mean mentally stimulating games that can relieve stress and sharpen our thinking skills, working out our brains like the muscles they are. Here are some non-addictive online games you can play to relieve stress and work on your thinking skills, as well as some more challenging mental games to keep your mind sharp.



Healthy eating can sharpen your cognitive skills.
Healthy eating can sharpen your cognitive skills. Monty Rakusen/Cultura/Getty Images

A balanced and nutritious diet can be great for your body, but it can also help your mind, improving cognitive functioning, relieving stress, and helping you function at your most efficient levels. This article can tell you more about stress and nutrition, like how stress affects what we eat, and how to maintain a healthy diet when stressed. This can be good for your thinking skills as well as your whole body.



Reading is a great relaxation activity.
Reading is a great relaxation activity. Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

Reading provides a wonderful escape from stress and flexes your mental muscles. The following book recommendations can teach you new skills or immerse you in a unique and enriching experience, which can help you improve your cognitive skills over time and relieve stress right now. These books can also provide stimulating topics of conversation around the office or at your next social gathering!


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