Top 10 Treadmill Workout Videos

Use These Videos to Enhance Your Treadmill Workout

Enhance your treadmill workout with treadmill workout videos and apps. Check your treadmill console for built-in workouts. Updated treadmills may have wifi connectivity and access to a library of video workouts. But if you have an old-school treadmill, you may have to use a tablet or television to watch a treadmill workout or take a scenic walk in gorgeous places around the world.

BitGym App

Treadmill Walkers in Gym
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Use the BitGym app with your tablet or smartphone for interactive scenic tours on the treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical or other cardio machines. It includes over 50 different scenic tours. It detects your speed, so your tour slows down and speeds up as you do. They have guided workouts and integrated playlists if you want to enjoy a location-specific experience. You'll also learn facts about the different locales. You can display it on a big screen as well. It is available through a monthly premium membership fee.


iFit Subscription
iFit Subscription. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

The iFit system works with compatible workout equipment. It may be pre-installed on your treadmill or elliptical, or you can buy an add-on module. With iFit, you have video workouts built-in with trainers to coach you and encourage you, such as Jillian Michaels. You can also draw or download a course on Google Maps and follow it in Street View.

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i.Concept for BH Treadmills

BH Treadmill i.Concept Apps
BH Treadmill i.Concept Apps. BH Fitness

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BH treadmills connect to your Apple or Android phones and tablets to run fitness and workout apps. These include the Run-On-Earth app which shows you a street view of a great place to walk or run and integrates it with your workout. They also have the BH Trainer App powered by Pear which can coach you through a training program for 5K, half marathon and more. You can use it with any treadmill, it is audio coaching.

Virtual Walk DVDs

Virtual Walk DVD
Virtual Walk DVD. Courtesy of Amazon

Each DVD has 60 minutes of great scenery, filmed with a SteadiCam to ensure you don't get seasick watching. You follow along on a walk through destinations such as Italy, England's quaint Cotswolds, London, Egypt, or Hawaii. There is no narration, just walking. You can download HD video from their site or buy the DVDs.

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Fitness Journeys

Fitness Journeys DVD
Fitness Journeys DVD. Courtesy of Amazon

Enjoy the ambient sounds of nature on virtual walks through forests, mountains, coast, rainforest, or tropical scenery. Each DVD includes walks and runs at different paces. They are produced in HD video.

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Scenic Trex DVDs

Scenic Trex DVD
Scenic Trex DVD. Courtesy of Amazon

Filmed in continuous motion, you'll feel like you are actually trekking in majestic outdoor settings during your treadmill workout. Their two popular titles are "Beachside Jungle" and "Rainforest," filmed in the Caribbean.

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TreadMoves Aerobic Cardio Blast Video

TreadMoves. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

Pump up your treadmill workout. These videos take you through a full body workout on your treadmill. It includes beginner and advanced moves -- follow the instructor of your choice. These videos are available on DVD and VHS

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WalkingStrong and Walking Stronger

Walking Stronger DVD - FitByTracey
Walking Stronger DVD - FitByTracey. Courtesy of Pricegrabber

Tracey Staehle takes you through a 55-minute cardio workout on the treadmill or walking in place. The workout is broken into five minute segments of warm-up, stretching and walking. Tracey demonstrates a workout variation for advanced exercisers while another walker, Bobbie, shows a beginners treadmill variation and fellow walker Jillian demonstrates doing the same workout while walking in place. Speed and incline changes are shown onscreen for each of the treadmills throughout the video.

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Trek Ireland

Trek Ireland DVD
Trek Ireland DVD. Courtesy of Amazon

Take a walk or jog on lovely Ireland trails from your treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike. Each DVD has two hours of scenery. A local interactive guide explains the history and background of the area you're passing through. A walker symbol comes up if you want details about the history and nature of the area being shown. Destinations include County Clare and County Wicklow.

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Starling Fitness Walking Videos

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Laura Moncur has produced inexpensive videos of her walks. Destinations include Salt Lake City, San Antonio, and a California beach.


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