Top 11 Walking Socks

The right socks are your first line of defense against blisters. If your socks don't fit properly, they can slip and bunch up, which sets the stage for rubbing your feet as you walk, which can lead to blisters. You should avoid tube socks and choose socks that are anatomically designed. Walking socks must wick away moisture to keep your skin from softening, which is another factor in making them prone to blisters. Cotton socks hold in moisture next to your skin, and you need to replace them with socks made of synthetics that will help manage moisture. and invest in high quality walking socks.


These Thorlo socks are designed for walkers and are made of CoolMax fabric to wick sweat from your foot and help prevent blisters. The padding is placed just where needed—at the instep, heel, and ball of the foot. They come in crew and mini-crew lengths. Thorlo also has styles with more padding if you prefer a thicker sock. Thorlos wear like iron; you'll have these for years to come.


These single-layer socks are "just right" in many ways. They have just the right amount of light cushioning without bulk. They have a great fit that stays put without constricting your foot. They are made with excellent sweat-wicking fabric. They maintain their size rather than shrinking when you wash them, which is a problem with some socks such as Wrightsock. They come in quarter, low cut or crew length. The only drawback was that they tend to develop a hole in the ball of the foot after two years of constant wear. But that's not a bad lifespan for an endurance sock.


SmartWool makes machine-washable, non-itchy wool socks that provide natural moisture management. These walking designs are woven for comfort where walkers need it most. While most traditional wool hiking socks need a liner sock so you don't feel the scratchy wool, Smartwool socks do not. Just wear them like any other sock and feel the natural comfort of itchless wool. Plus, you can launder them in the washer and dryer and they will keep their shape.


These socks from Roadrunner Sports come a variety of cushioning choices from ultra thin to thicker-cushioned designs. You can choose crew, quarter, low-cut or no-show styles. They are shaped to fit your foot correctly, with a fit for men and for women. They also come in various colors, so if you'd prefer black for your comfort shoes, R-Gear has them.


Many walkers swear by double layer socks as the key to preventing blisters. Wrightsocks double layer socks use CoolMax and Microsafe fabrics to wick moisture away and reduce bacteria. The theory of tow-layer socks go back to the tradition of hikers wearing an inner sweat-wicking liner sock and an outer wool sock. This is thought to help reduce the friction that can lead to blisters. They have a full variety of lengths, colors, and different blends.


The Ultimax moisture control system combines Lumiza and olefin to repel and move moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. These socks are well-designed and do not shrink badly on first washing as some brands do. They are available in styles for men and women and include different lengths, from low cut to crew.


These SockGuy socks are fun socks in colorful designs. But these are also serious socks made of wicking fabric and woven to stay in place without bunching. Why not show some style while enjoying the benefits? They are labeled for men or women, but you are the one to decide which designs you'd like to wear.


Some walkers need compression socks for medical issues, while others believe they help reduce their fatigue, Swiftwick makes compression socks that include tech socks for walkers and runners. They fit snugly to support the foot but don't constrict the bunion area, which could cause pain. That means less shifting of the sock when you walk and less opportunity for friction to develop foot blisters. They even have a Merino wool version that is itch-less and machine-washable. They come in fun colors that can match your race costume, too.


Check the wide variety of excellent socks from Fox River. Each walker will find the ones they prefer for different thicknesses and different heights that will work best for them.


DeFeet makes colorful socks in fun styles for serious walkers, runners, and cyclists. They are made with CoolMax Alta in a quick-dry Air-E-Ator weave. If you are bored with plain white or black socks, come browse what they have to offer.


New Balance makes excellent technical socks for walking and running with wicking fabric and cushioning where you need it.


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