Top Walking Sticks or Hiking Staffs

Walking or hiking with a single walking stick, hiking staff or pole can give you an extra point of stability. Many people like the convenience of a folding walking stick or telescoping walking stick. Features to look for include grip comfort, weight, adjustable height, folding for storage, camera mount, and options for the tips. Or, you may prefer a classic wooden stick.

Leki Wanderfreund Walking Staff

Leki Wanderfreund Walking Pole
Leki Wanderfreund Walking Pole. Courtesy of

If you prefer the cane grip on your walking stick, this collapsible walking stick is for you, and it includes an adjustable wrist strap. The 3-section aluminum shaft telescopes from 24 to 51 inches to pack and to adjust to terrain and height. Weighs only 10 oz. Comes in regular and anti-shock varieties.

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Leki Sierra Anti-shock Travel Staff

Leki Sierra Walking Stick
Leki Sierra Walking Stick. © Pricegrabber

The wood knob on the Leki Sierra is removable to expose a camera mount on this telescoping walking stick. It has a foam grip and a buckle strap. This is 3-section adjustable staff from 75-145 cm, weighing 11.2 oz. It comes with a rubber tip and carbide flextip.

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Brazos Traveler's Stick

Brazos Travelers Stick
Brazos Travelers Stick. Brazos Walking Sticks

If you love a wooden walking stick but would like one that could fit into your pack or luggage, the Traveler's Stick is a great idea. Made in the USA, this natural oak hiking stick disassembles into three sections to store at 19 inches long. It has a combination tip for use on pavement or trail. For an additional charge, you can have it engraved.

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EarthTrekGear Folding Travel Pole

EarthTrekGear Folding Walking Pole
EarthTrekGear Folding Walking Pole. Courtesy of

EarthTrekGear has two sizes of these folding travel poles, one for tall people and one for shorter people. You can adjust the height five inches for each version. They are and economical pole and suited for packing along and for travel. It folds to 12 inches and weighs 12 ounces.

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Folstaf Volkstaf
Folstaf Volkstaf. Wendy Bumgardner ©

This folding walking stick is very convenient to take along on a walk, just in case you end up needing one. I've used it on my walks over the years. It is an aluminum hiking stick that folds up (like a tent pole) to 9 inches for easy packing. It has a foam grip and your choice of a compass or a camera mount. The drawback is the high pricetag.

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Whistle Creek Walking Sticks

Whistle Creek Walking Sticks
Whistle Creek Walking Sticks. Courtesy of

When you want back to basics - a wooden hiking stick, but one done right, Whistle Creek should be your stop. Over 30 styles of classic wooden hiking sticks to choose from in Hickory, Sassafras, Dogwood, Cedar, Pine, Walnut and more. Includes basic and fancy designs of all price ranges.

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Brazos Walking Sticks and Canes

Brazos Walking Sticks
Brazos Walking Sticks. Brazos Walking Sticks

Brazos Walking Sticks has handcrafted walking sticks and canes made in Texas. Their most popular styles include simple sticks with a leather tether, made of hickory, twisted hickory or twisted ash. They also have handcrafted cane-headed sticks. But they also go beyond the ordinary with exotic woods, colored wood, and one-of-a-kind sticks.

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Western Wood Artist

Wooden Walking Sticks from © William Jones /

Western Wood Artist
Bill Jones crafts custom wooden walking sticks. He adds designs, inlays, knobs, straps and feathers as desired. Different designs celebrate the life history of the owner, career, military service, etc.

Ms Stick Custom Hiking and Walking Sticks

Manufacturer's Site
Tell your life story with a custom walking stick from Ms Sticks. Each stick is customized with symbols and items of importance to you. These make a great gift.

Colorado Walking Sticks

Manufacturer's Site
Colorado Walking Sticks makes hand-carved walking sticks to your request. The wood is Colorado aspen. If you want a special stick, with a decorative head or inscription, this is the place.

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