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Coaching for Walking Workouts

Walking workout videos come in a couple of flavors. There are some that teach you how to walk, with good form, on the treadmill or outdoors. Other videos use walking combined with other moves for an indoor cardio workout. In general, these provide low-impact workouts good for beginners and for times when you can't walk outdoors, and to spice up your treadmill time. These videos may be available for streaming or they may be on DVD or other media.


Walk-at-home favorite Leslie Sansone has this ultimate collection. Enjoy one-mile, two-mile, three-mile, and four-mile walking workouts, building the pace with the mileage. You may also want to visit her site, for her current walk at home videos and app for streaming or on DVD.


Enjoy four different 30-minute walking workouts to burn fat and build fitness. The four workouts include a cardio core building workout for the abs, a low impact high-intensity workout, a tread-and-shred interval strength training walking workout, and a stretch and relax workout. DVD. Fitness expert Jessica Smith leads you in your exercises. You can use dumbbells for some of the exercises and you'll need a sturdy, high back chair.


You can stream or purchase a DVD of this video by Jessica Smith. It includes separate warm-up and cool down segments so you can decide how long to walk for your main workout, combining the 30-minute high energy walk that burns fat and the 30-minute power walk that includes higher intensity intervals, or doing them as separate workouts. Each workout has variations, so they can be used by beginner, intermediate, or advanced users. Many walkers say they like Jessica's style and she is a worthy successor to the older Leslie Sansone videos.


Have fun as you rack up 5,000 steps on your pedometer or activity band with these two DVDs. Aussie Gina B leads the low-impact moves. You can choose the Disco Fever workout or the Latin Fiesta workout.  You may love Zumba but it can be hard on your joints. Have the same fun here with dance moves that work your upper and lower body and core but save your knees and hips by keeping one foot on the floor (no jumping).​ The four easy dance moves per track alternate with walking so you get 5,000 steps for each 45-minute DVD.​


Available via Amazon Instant Video or DVD.
Star trainer Bob Harper leads you through high energy indoor walking workouts along with favorite contestants Tara Costa and Sione Fa. It includes four 16-minute indoor walking routines. The workouts also add small weights and workout balls as you progress, and encourage you to take it outside.


From Prevention Magazine, available as a DVD. It promises to help viewers increase energy and lose weight through an easy to follow a workout based on a "walking" step. Veteran fitness instructor Michelle Dozois leads viewers through this innovative workout that can be adapted to any fitness level.

Walk Like a Champion

This DVD video, CD, and book set teaches racewalking technique, from Jeff Salvage. The set includes basic technique and drills and exercises to improve your walking performance. If you can't get live coaching in racewalking, this is a good introduction to what the technique should be.
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Race Walk Clinic

Take a racewalk clinic at home with Jeff Salvage and Tim Seaman. They coach you through details of correct race walking technique. See slow motion video of championship racewalkers and analyze their techniques.
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Denise leads you through three indoor walking workouts. You get a variety of exercise intensity and moves that work both your upper and lower body. The workouts include the Easy Walk 15-minute workout, the Fat Blasting Interval Walk with 15 minutes of high energy exercise, and the Power Walk and Tone workout to do some body sculpting. DVD.


ESPN'S "Getting Fit" Host Denise Austin covers the benefits of walking in this 42-minute video. Denise shows you proper form and basic walking principles, with a strengthening and stretching segment to wind down after your walk. You can stream it from Amazon on supported devices, or buy a VHS video.


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