Top Water Bottles and Carriers for Running

Stay Hydrated on the Run

Staying hydrated while running is always important, especially when running in the heat. But figuring out how to carry your water and sports drinks on the run is not always easy. These top running water bottles and carriers will help you make sure that running hydration is never an afterthought.

Fuel Belt Helium

Fuel Belt
Fuel Belt

The Fuel Belt Helium 4 belt is made of ventilated foam pads, which help make it light, comfortable and breathable. The belt has a Velcro closure, which makes it very easy to adjust on the run. It also has a detachable race pocket that can hold gels, money, keys, or anything else that you might need for a long run or race. It comes in five different colors -- blue, black, orange, red and pink -- so you can choose one that fits your style best. More »

Fuel Belt Sprint Handheld Water Bottle

Fuel Belt Sprint water bottle
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This 10oz bottle is very popular among runners because it's so lightweight and easy to carry. Some runners even like to carry one in each hand so they don't have to stop to refill as frequently. The bottle has an adjustable strap for a great fit, as well as a pocket for small essentials. Buy from Amazon »

Amphipod Hydraform Handheld Pocket

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Amphipod's Hydraform Handheld Pocket also gets high marks from runners as a comfortable hand-held sports bottle. Its ergonomic configuration allows your hand to relax to a natural position, which helps eliminate hand cramping and tension. The strap is a combination of Ballistic/Ripstop nylon pocket, which is perfect for storing gel, keys, cash, or ID. The strap features a soft, wicking inner layer that doesn't trap sweat, and it can be adjusted quickly for a custom fit. Buy from Amazon »

Ultimate Direction FastDraw Extreme

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The Ultimate Direction FastDraw Extreme is one of the most popular hand-helds, and with good reason. It features the ability to keep your fluids cold, no matter what the temperature is outside. The neoprene band that wraps around the bottle prevents you from warming up the liquid inside, while protecting your hands from getting ice cold. The bottle also features a good-sized zipper stash compartment that can hold your phone, keys, cash or gel. Buy from Amazon »

Amphipod RunLite 4

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With four 10.5-ounce bottles, the Amphipod RunLite 4 carries 20% more fluid than other standard four-bottle belts, making it a great option for endurance runners. The 43mm wide-mouth, quick-fill bottles are 100% leak-free and have a high-flow spout. The belt also comes with an AirFlow Small Rapid Access Pouch for bounce-free storage. One really nice feature about the Amphipod system is that you can add more fluid modules, gel modules or storage at any time, making it a very versatile belt. Buy from Amazon »

Camelbak FlashFlo Hydration Pack

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If you prefer the convenience of a hands-free hydration fanny pack, the Camelbak 45 oz. FlashFlo Hydration Pack is an excellent choice. It features the Superflo Freedom Valve, which regulates the flow of your fluids. All you have to do is apply pressure with your teeth and it opens; release and it closes. The FlashFlo Hydration Pack also includes a zip pocket for keys and essentials, as well as a secure outer pocket that fits a CD or MP3 player. The pack's breathable mesh belt helps prevent you from getting overheated. Buy from Amazon »

Amphipod Full-Tilt Velocity

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The Amphipod Full-Tilt Velocity's contoured lumbar pack and Hydraform water bottle nest laterally on your lower back for a naturally comfortable fit. The low profile of the bottle helps prevent sloshing and bouncing. Although the "bottle bungee" holder keeps the water bottle securely in place, it's still quick and easy to grab the bottle. You can stash your gels, bars, ID, keys, MP3 players, and cell phone in the pack's expandable, zippered mesh compartment stashes. The pack also features a cool and fully vented AirFlow Mesh back panel, which helps prevent overheating. The belt is fully-adjustable with no hanging straps. Buy from Amazon »

Camelbak Fairfax Hydration Pack

Camelback Fairfax hydration pack
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The Camelbak Fairfax hydration pack features a super sleek design wit ventilated shoulder straps and back panel to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your runs.  The 50-ounce wide-mouth reservoir allows you to run for a long time without stopping to refill your pack. Buy from Amazon »

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