How to Portion Control Your Foods

Learn nine tricks to master portion control, eat less and lose weight

Ask anyone who has achieved long-term weight loss how they did it and they'll tell you that the first they did was learn how to portion control everything they ate. So how do you learn the right amount of food to eat at meal and snack time? It's easy. Use these guides to master portion control so you lose weight easier and weight loss happens faster.

*Edited by Malia Frey, Weight Loss Expert

Use Proper Food Portion Sizes for Weight Loss

how to portion control food for weight loss
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Do you eat the proper food portion sizes at meal time? Do your snack foods measure up for weight loss?  If you're a normal dieter, many of your food portion sizes are wrong. And your diet app or food might be making the problem worse!  Find out how to fix the problem so your weight loss program works better.

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Outsmart Food Labels to Control Portions

Nutrition facts label
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If you're using the Nutrition Facts label to control your portion sizes, you might be headed for trouble. The serving size on the label is not necessarily the right amount of food to eat if you're trying to lose weight. Find out how to get the right number to slim down effectively 

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Learn to Portion Control Without a Scale

measure portion sizes with your hand
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Good portion control practices often require a kitchen scale. These lightweight digital devices make eating the right amount so much easier. But let's face it, you're not always around your kitchen scale. Learn how to measure correct food portions using nothing but your hand.  

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Avoid 9 Common Portion Control Mistakes

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Guess which foods are most likely to trip up your best portion control efforts? Yep, cereal is one of them. But the other eight are not so obvious. Find out what they are so you can outsmart the diet disaster demons and slim down faster. 

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Buy or Make Portion Control Plates

portion control plate
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Specially designed meal kits, dinner plates, glasses and serving dishes can make weight loss more simple...and more elegant. There are plenty available to buy, but you can make them, too. Learn how in this handy guide. 

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Prep Portion-Controlled Meals in Advance

Healthy chicken dinner
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 It's hard to serve yourself the right portion of food when you're hungry and tired. For this reason, we often eat too much at dinner time. But if you prepare portion-controlled meals in advance, you'll always eat the right amount. Use this guide to make a week's worth of healthy meals in under an hour.

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Get Smarter With Salad Portions

the right portions for weight loss
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Think portion sizes don't matter when you eat salad? Think again! Salads can be a weight loss savior or a complete diet disaster. Find out how to make sure you eat the right salad foods and the right amount of salad foods when you assemble your next meal.

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Set Up Your Kitchen for Smart Portions

healthy kitchen set up
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If you put your trigger foods away in very high or very low cabinets, you're less likely to eat them when you're hungry. And guess what you should put inside your cereal boxes to make sure you don't binge on them at night? Find out all of the sneaky kitchen design tricks that you can use to make portion control the natural choice.

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Learn to Control Portions in Restaurants

control portions in restaurants
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Did you know that you're likely to eat less when you sit by a window in a restaurant? It's true! Scientists have discovered a few sneaky ways to help you eat less when you dine out. Use their tips to keep your diet on track in social settings. 

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