12 Totally Cool Baby Hats

Designer Styles for Your Precious Gem

Organic Baby Hats Offer Added Sense of Security

Organic Baby Hats
The Classic Pom Pom Cap With A Twist Can Organic Baby Hats Get Any Cuter?. Used With Permission: Tayuh Tate Organic Crochet

So maybe baby clothing checklists indicate you only need to add a few baby hats to your child's wardrobe, but after you take a gander at this positively precious hat collection, you'll be surely adding a few extra to your collection.

From sweet hats that make your heart melt to caps with a touch of rebel in them, you're sure to find something that suits your child's unique style. Which will it be? What can't you wait to see adorning your little one's head?

Organic baby hats made from soft gender-neutral yarn make great shower gifts for eco-conscious parents.

I love the whimsy of the pom poms on this super soft organic hat. Crocheted in a muted green accented with cream edging, this hat will provide for great photo opportunities. What's more, it's gender neutral, making perfect for boys and girls. The ear flaps add both a cute and practical feature; fun for your baby to tug on while providing warmth from cool breezes.

The designer used Nature's Choice Organic Cotton Yarn, which is very appealing to families looking for eco-friendly baby products. This medium-weight yarn is produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals.

Newsboy Hat for Baby Boys

Newsboy Hat
A Classic Cap for Your Little Man Black Corduroy Newsboy Hat. Baby Hat Used With Permission: My Baby Clothes Boutique

The young master will look sharp in this basic newsboy hat.

The classic newsboy hat became popular at the beginning of the 1900s and still hasn't gone out of fashion. Pair this black corduroy cap with a collared shirt and smart vest for a completed look.

An excellent design feature on this affordable cap is elastic stretch on the back, allowing for a comfortable fit. Your little guy will enjoy family fall outings in this trend-setting hat.

Baby Cocoon and Hat Set

Baby Cocoon
Great for Newborn Photos Baby Cocoon Sets Great Photo Op. Used With Permission: mymarketstall

The baby cocoon is becoming a common feature in professional newborn photography.

This Anjou pair cocoon and hat set makes you go, awwwwwww, doesn't it?

Soft cocoons, such as this one, have become increasingly popular in professional newborn photographs, and you can see from the picture why it is so popular. The snuggly cocoon can be soothing to the baby, allowing him to drift off to sleep. A peaceful, pear-fect photo!

This particular pear cocoon and hat set is made with a soft, chunky yarn, which adds a nice texture to the design. The hat with a rolling brim is topped with a dainty stem and leaf. Makes me want to just take a nibble.

But what I really want to know, does the cocoon come in adult sizes?

Designer Hat, Baby Style

Hat baby
Ostrich Feathers Add Interesting Embellishment Designer Hat, Baby Cuteness. Use With Permission: Lil Zoe

Looking for a designer hat? Baby boutiques and unique online baby stores carry them.

Who says animal prints are just for women in their 20s?

This mod hat is perfect for the baby who loves attention. Have one with a "flirtatious" personality? You know, the kind of baby that smiles at everyone who passes by. This hat is perfect for her.

Not so fond of the zebra fabric (after all not all women can pull off wearing animal prints), well then, check out Lil Zoe's line of custom made baby hats. There are plenty of fabrics and designs from which to pick.

Go Retro With This Sock Monkey Set

Sock Monkey
Hats That Can Work Well in Costumes Wool Sock Monkey Set Can Double As a Costume. Used With Permission: Nancy's Needles and Pens

This sock monkey outfit can double as a Halloween costume.

Who didn't want a sock monkey toy as a child? Cute. Cuddly. Soft. Perfect for napping. It's no wonder they have been a popular toy for several generations. Sock monkies rule.

That's why when I found this adorable sock monkey set (includes hat, sweater, pants and detachable tail), I knew I had to include it here. Made from soft merino wool, the colors are a quite similar to the original socks of the Nelson Knitting Mills. If you prefer, you can purchase the set made from an acrylic yarn as well.

The other cool thing about this outfit is that it makes the perfect warm Halloween costume that you can continue wearing throughout the fall and winter, or canfit well into a monkey birthday theme party. For parents really into celebrating the day, they can dress up as a little boy or girl who carries their sock monkey around.

Super Sweet Baby Poncho and Hat Set

Baby Poncho
Use Color to Enhance Your Baby's Best Features Something Sweet About This Baby Poncho Set. Used With Permission: Crocheted 4 Kids

A baby poncho set is perfect for cooler days.

There are so many reasons why I love poncho sets. One, they are perfect for those days when you aren't sure what the whether will be like. Layer on a poncho and you are all set. Two, they can go well with pants, dresses or skirts. Three, they make for wonderful homemade gifts for girls. And four, they are just way cool (maybe I am dating myself with that last comment).

A great lesson to be learned from this poncho set (and precious model) is the importance of choosing color wisely. These gorgeous blue eyes are dramatically intensified by the purple color of the soft acrylic yarn. For further effect, the crochet shell edging of the cap also draws attention to her beautiful eyes.

Baby Football Hat for Your Little Sport

Baby Football
Knit Beanies for Boys Handknit Baby Football Cap. Used With Permission: charliemai

This baby football hat personalizes the classic .

Mothers of little boys sometimes complain that there just aren't enough cute accessories for their sons. Well, this baby football beanie certainly is adorable. What better way to deck out a future quarterback?

This hand-knit beanie is made from a soft cotton-acrylic yarn. What's more? It's available in adult-sizes too. The entire family can show their football-fanaticism.

Looking for more hat options for boys? Take a peak at the newsboy hat or the rebel beanie.

Baby Owlet Newborn Hat and Cocoon

Newborn Hat
Newborn Photograph Props Owl Newborn Hat Made From Super-Soft Yarn. Used With Permission: Unforgettable Moments Photo Props

A newborn hat and cocoon set knitted in neutral colors.

This is another example of how adorable baby cocoon and hat sets truly are. I mean, can it get any cuter than this baby owlet? I don't think it can.

Photograph props have become more thoughtful in design in the past few decades. From outfits and accessories like this to inexpensive children's photo props like bubbles and blankets of faux flowers, the elements you choose in the photograph can move a picture from being cute to being absolutely unforgettable.

Crochet Baby Hats Take on Animal Theme

Crochet Baby Hats
Textured Yarns Create for a Soft Cap Crochet Baby Hats, Simple and Adorable. Used With Permission: hookaholic

Crochet baby hats can be made into any design.

What I remember of the crocheted hats that my grandmother made me was while they were nice, the cheap yarn she used sometimes felt like a Brillo pad. Thankfully, today knitters and crocheters have many types of yarn from which to choose.

When making this crochet baby hat, the designer choose a super-soft chunky yarn made from acrylic fiber. As you can see, the yarn itself reminds you of a stuffed teddy bear too. Not only cute, but it makes for a warm hat during cold weather. Cute and practical, you can have it both!

Fruit-Inspired Knit Baby Hats

Knit Baby Hats
Awesome Colors and Knitting Techniques Fruit Knit Baby Hats - Can't "Pick" Just One. Used With Permission: knitrgal

Various knitting techniques provide texture in knit baby hats.

I love the attention to detail on this set of knit baby hats. The designer used various knitting stitches to create the lumpy bumps of grapes or the curly stem of the pumpkin leaf. I think these hats would give the "Fruit of the Loom" guys a run for their money.

Do you have some knitting skills and would like to try to knit your own hat? You might try this simplified pumpkin hat pattern to start.

Baby Boy Hats for the Little Rebel

Baby Boy hats
Soft Cotton Hat With "Hard" Image Great Baby Boy Hats Can Be Edgy. Baby Hat Photo Used With Permission: My Baby Clothes Boutique

Baby boy hats can be a little wild and reckless.

So maybe the newsboy hat just isn't the right fit for your little man. Maybe your "little man" tends to be more of a "little rebel". Well then, this cotton knit hat is perfect for your guy.

This hat certainly gives off an alternative feel, something you might accept of celebrity kids' clothing. It's edgy, unexpected, yet at the same time comfortable. It's a great choice for families of boys (or girls) who like to walk on the wild side.

Baby Beanie Hat for Your Little Bean

Baby Beanie Hat
Striped colorwork in organic yarn makes for an eye-catching cap. Baby Beanie Hat Available in Organic Cotton. Used With Permission: Beanie Designs

This baby beanie hat can't help but make you smile.

Got a wee elf in your house? Then this elfish baby beanie hat is what you need.

The colorwork of the knit stripe pattern is done in organic cotton yarn. The chosen colors play well off one another and create a beanie that is pleasing to the eyes.

What I think I love most about it is the braided long tassel. It makes the design of the hat stand out from the basic beanie styles. Colorwork and design combined to make a hat that simply makes you smile.

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