Traits of Introverts

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Do you worry because your child has few friends, is quiet, and is not outgoing? Are you always encouraging your child to make new friends, talk to the other kids and spend less time alone? All parents worry about their children, but if your child is an introvert, you may be worrying unnecessarily.

How do you know if your child is an introvert? You can start by looking at this short list of characteristics of introverts to see how many of them apply to your child.

The more that apply, the more likely it is that your child is an introvert.

Social Interaction

  • Has only a few close friends
  • Does more listening than talking
  • Talks to family members, but not to strangers
Social Preferences
  • Likes solitary activities, like reading, or activities with only a few people
  • Likes to spend time in own room with the door closed.
  • Watches a game or activity before joining in
  • Likes creative or imaginative play
  • May get crabby after spending a lot of time around other people
  • Does not share feelings easily
  • Becomes deeply humiliated after making a mistake in public
This list is quite brief, but it can give you an idea of whether your child is an introvert or not.

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