Trichomoniasis and Pregnancy

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What is trichomoniasis?

Both men and women get trichomoniasis which is a common sexually transmitted disease (STD). Though men often do not show symptoms, whereas women do show them more frequently, but only 15% have symptoms. It is curable and is also known as trich (pronounced trick).

How common is trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is very common. It is the most common sexually transmitted disease. About 11% of the population of women under 40 have had trichomoniasis at one point.

Does trichomoniasis complicate a pregnancy?

If you have trichomoniasis while pregnant, you are more likely to have a baby that is born early and low birth weight. Both of these have a significant impact on the health of your baby. Being tested early and treated will decrease the likelihood that your baby will be born early and small. So if you think you have a symptom, even if you are unsure, call for an appointment.

How do you get trichomoniasis?

Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a parasite, Trichomonas vaginalis. This means that you pass it on through sexual intercourse with an infected partner. This is true for penis to vagina sex and vulva to vula sex. It is possible to pass trichomoniasis without actual intercourse, though it is more common with intercourse.

It is also possible to get it multiple times. Even if you have been treated and cured, having sex with an infected person is likely to infect you again.

What are the signs and symptoms of trichomoniasis?

Men may have a slight burning sensation when they ejaculate or urinate, but most men do not feel symptoms. Women can have a vaginal discharge that is green or yellow and a strong vaginal odor. Typically it will take 5-28 days from exposure to start showing symptoms.

If you have symptoms, please talk to your doctor or midwife immediately.

What are the complications of trichomoniasis?

Because your your genitals are often inflamed when you have trichomoniasis, you are more susceptible to passing HIV on to a partner and to contracting HIV from a partner.

How can you diagnose trichomoniasis?

A pelvic exam and lab tests are the only way to diagnose trich in pregnancy or otherwise. Treatment will be an oral medication, usually for you and your partner.


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