Triggers to Teen Depression

Understanding Possible Reasons for Your Teens' Depression

Depressed Teenager
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Depression in teens can range from mild to severe, and can be triggered by a number of factors to include a reaction to stress or a biochemical imbalance in the brain. Some of the reasons for the possible onset of depression in teens are surprising.

Triggers to Teen Depression

  1. Stressful events - to include breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend, failing a test, being bullied or a best friend moving. 
  1. Trauma – to include sexual, physical, or emotional abuse.
  2. Physical injury - such as being assaulted or a car or skateboard accident.
  3. Chronic physical illness
  4. Loss - of a significant friend or family due to death or divorce
  5. Genetics - to include a history of depression or other mood disorders in close relatives or family members.
  6. Poor social skills – leading to isolation and loneliness.  
  7. Chemical imbalance in the brain – due to genetics or physical illness.
  8. Poor coping skills – making it difficult to problem solve effectively or resolve conflicts.
  9. Drug abuse – which can cause or be caused by symptoms of depression.
  10. Impaired self-esteem – creating negative self-talk and limited interaction with others.
  11. Being female – teen girls are more than twice as likely to suffer from depression as teen boys.
  12. Consistently bad eating habits – fast food, too much sugar or white foods can negatively impact the balance of the body. 

    Depression in teens is different than depression in adults and can be triggered by events, situations, or physical causes that would not have the same impact on an adult. Parents need to be familiar with the symptoms of teen depression and not ignore these warning signs if they occur.

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