Trouble Smelling and Tasting From Allergies

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Nasal congestion can lead to a decreased sense of smell and taste.. Paul Bradbury/OJO Images/Getty Images

Trouble Smelling and Tasting From Allergies

Nasal congestion can lead to trouble smelling (hyponosmia) and is also linked to trouble tasting food, since your sense of smell is a major component of your sense of taste.

There are many potential causes for your stuffy nose, including allergic rhinitis. But long-lasting hyponosmia may indicate a more severe condition, including chronic sinus infections and nasal polyps.

Less commonly, trouble smelling and tasting can be a sign of a neurological disease.

Your doctor can, in some cases, determine what's causing your case of hyponosmia during a physical exam. But, a CAT scan of the sinuses may be necessary to find out if you have a chronic sinus infection or nasal polyps.

Learn more about various treatments for allergic rhinitis, including nasal steroid sprays, the most effective allergy medication for nasal congestion.


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