Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga DVD Review

Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga DVD
Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga DVD. Courtesy of

Celebrity fitness workouts are always in danger of ringing a little false. Sure, the celebrity in question is in great shape, but they don’t really live like the rest of us, do they? They have personal trainers and enough time at their discretion to prioritize exercising. And that skepticism goes double for celebrity wives’ workout advice. With all that in mind, let’s take a look at how well Trudie Styler’s (you know, Sting’s wife) Warrior Yoga routine holds up for an average viewer.

Plus Column

On the plus side, Trudie Styler didn't just pick up yoga last week. She's been a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga and Jivamukti for over twenty years and it shows; she comes across as knowledgeable and sincere. She has also enlisted the aide of her personal trainer, former dancer and Pilates teacher James D'Silva. D'Silva acts as the teacher and provides the wonderfully soothing voice-over instruction, while Styler takes the role of the student. The setting, Sting and Styler's magnificent Tuscan estate, is lovely, though it is a bit disconcerting to be constantly reminded of their fabulous wealth. The DVD offers both a 50-minute sequence and a pared down, 25-minutes version of essentially the same series. The sequence is carefully considered and nicely varied, offering standing and seated postures, backbends, and forward bends.

Minus Column

The DVD is advertised as being for all levels, but some familiarity with yoga really is necessary.

The sequence is most appropriate for students at an intermediate level or above. Tinkly versions of Sting's music provide the backing soundtrack, which could be either a plus or minus, depending on your feelings about Sting. The biggest minus for me is a matter of personal preference. In the 50-minute workout, you spend 25 minutes doing a long series of postures just on the right side and then switch and do the same series for 25 minutes on the left side.

It all comes out right in the end, but it always feels strange to me to stretch out just one side for that long.


This DVD will provide a nice addition to your yoga workout collection. If you do a lot of yoga DVDs at home, then you know it's good to have a variety of styles to fit your mood. This would be perfect for when you want a vigorous, flowing sequence to work on strength and flexibility. The sequence is thoughtful and unusual enough to make it a refreshing change from the rest of your yoga DVDs. In the end, this is James D'Silva's yoga instruction, as presented by Trudie Styler. Thanks for sharing your trainer with us, Trudie!

Disclosure: A review copy was provided by the publisher.