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Parents often feel powerless against the tough issues teens face because they cannot control their teen's choices. While it is true that teens need to make their own choices, parents do have more influence than they think. Read through these five truths on teen smoking to become empowered about a tough choice your teen is facing every day.

Truth #1: Anyone's teen can start smoking.

Every day in the United States, more than 3,000 young people become regular smokers-that's more than one million new smokers a year. The pull to smoke is not just affecting someone else's kid. Your teen sees the glamorous advertising, has peers who smoke and is as vulnerable to becoming a smoker as much as anybody else's teen. And yes, teens who play sports and are considered 'good kids' smoke too.

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Truth #2: Nearly all first time smoking happens before high school graduation.

That's according to the Center for Disease Control. If your teen hasn't started smoking before he/she graduates, chances are he/she never will. That's good news. It means that you have the time to influence your teen and their choices.

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Truth #3: Actively working on your teen's self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience can prevent your teen from smoking.

 Often, teens cite 'being accepted' as a reason for starting to smoke, along with modeling someone they admire, to loose weight or to overcome stress. Help your teen develop friendships, shape a healthy body image and deal with stress without having to turn to tobacco use.

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Truth #4: Your teen needs to hear that smoking is bad for him/her from you.

While your teen's friends may seem to be more important to your teen, you are his/her number one choice to learn about values. This is the time to make it count. Send a clear message to your teen that you consider smoking to be unhealthy. Be sure to do this with facts and try not to use scare tactics that will only backfire.

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Truth #5: If your teen smokes, he/she can't quit just because you've asked.

According to American Cancer Society, "the best school health classes won't have much effect on the students who already smoke, unless those teens are also offered professional help to quit." Teens — heck, even most adults — do not realize they are addicted until it's too late. Among adolescents aged 10 - 18, about three-fourths of daily cigarette smokers report that they continue to use tobacco because of how difficult it is to quit, not because of how much they enjoy the nicotine. Your teen needs to team up with you and a doctor in order to kick this nasty habit.

It is worth your time and money to help your teen get through this problem.

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