Tubal Ligation

Tubal Ligation Facts You Should Know

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Tubal ligation can prevent future pregnancy when you don't want children. Before you decide tubal ligation is right for you, here are a few things you should consider:

Sterilization: His or Hers?
Should you undergo tubal ligation or is vasectomy a better choice for your partner? Compare what happens then make an educated decision together.

Risk of Ectopic Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation
Although tubal ligation is almost 100 percent effective, a small percentage of women will become pregnant as much as ten years later and the risk of tubal pregnancy is significantly higher in women who have undergone tubal ligation.

I am interested in talking with others who have or are experiencing post-tubal complications. Namely very heavy and irregular periods. Mine started directly after my tubal, which was performed the day after the birth of my daughter. I have talked to a few women in my town who have had similar experiences and am curious to find out how common this is. Also any treatments that have relieved symptoms. All replies are apprieciated.

Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome - Reversing Tubal Ligation
What happens after tubal ligation? Some women experience worsened symptoms of PMS and period problems. And occasionally a woman may decide she wants to have children after having a tubal ligation. These issues sometimes cause women want to have a tubal reversal. Learn about the symptoms of post tubal ligation syndrome, and find out what happens during tubal ligation reversal.


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