Spring Crafts for Kids - Tulip Paper Flower Easter Wreath

Spring Crafts for Kids - Paper Tulip Flower Easter Wreath

This colorful and festive Easter wreath is so fun and easy to make, you may just want to make several to hang around the house. It's the perfect spring craft or Easter craft for kids, and a pretty Easter decoration, too!

Gather the materials you will need to make this Easter wreath.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

To make this wreath, you will need:

  • construction paper or lightweight card stock paper in a variety of pastel and bright colors (pink, blue, yellow, violet, green, and so on)
  • scissors
  • spring-themed cookie cutter, such as a tulip shape (used here) or an egg or butterfly shape (Tip: I used a 4-inch tall cookie cutter to make the flowers for a wreath base this size.)
  • pencil
  • fabric ribbon
  • glue stick or Scotch tape
  • glitter glue or markers in bright, spring colors

Draw the circles for your wreath base.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

Turn over the bowls and use them as a guide to draw two circles onto your white or cream-colored card stock paper. (The smaller circle should be centered in the middle of the larger one).

Cut out your Easter wreath base.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

Cut out the ring to make the base for your Easter wreath. (Hint: To cut out the center, gently fold over your paper enough to get to the middle; then, use your scissors to make a small cut, and use that hole to cut out the center.)

Draw and cut out your flowers.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

Next, begin making your flowers. Using your cookie cutter as a guide, draw the flowers on your sheets of card stock or construction paper.

If your child is old enough and has the hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills to draw and/or cut the flowers, he can help with this step.

Glue the flowers onto your wreath base.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

Next, use glue your flowers onto your wreath base. (Hint: Before you mount all the flowers onto your wreath, get an idea of how you want it to look and what flowers you want where by doing a rough layout. Then, when you and your child have decided on what the wreath should look like, begin gluing your flowers onto your base. You may also want to take a quick photo of the layout so that you can copy it when you are doing the actual gluing.)

Kids will love helping with this part of the project--they can help put the glue on the flower and stick the flower onto the base.

Tape a piece of ribbon loop to the back of the wreath.

Take a piece of ribbon and make a loop. Tape it to the back of your wreath so that it will be ready to be hung somewhere in the house where your child can show off her beautiful work!

Make some butterflies for your wreath.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

If you would like, you can add some cute butterflies to your wreath. (This step is optional--your Easter wreath will still look adorable without it, but the butterflies do add an extra spring-like cheerfulness.)

To make your butterflies, use a butterfly-shape paper punch if you have one or simply draw a butterfly shape on a folded piece of white or pink card stock and cut it out. (Hint: Once you have a butterfly shape you really like, use it as a template to help you draw more by tracing around it to make additional butterflies.)

Glue your butterflies to the wreath.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

Decide with your child where you want the butterflies to land on your wreath and glue them on.

Decorate your Easter wreath.

Easter wreath
Katherine Lee

If you would like, you can decorate your wreath by drawing some beautiful and fun designs on it using markers or sparkly glitter glue pens as I did here. You and your child can use your imaginations to create whatever designs you would like to make your wreath colorful and festive.

When it's ready, you can hang it (and perhaps make a few more) to show off your beautiful creations to celebrate Easter, springtime, or any other occasion!


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