Turkey Shaped Fun Foods

Fun for Kids on Thanksgiving

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Turkey Shaped Foods

The food most associated with Thanksgiving is the turkey. It's fun to make turkey-shaped foods for the kids to eat during this time of year. Some of these foods your child can create alone or with minimal help so they're great for feeding hungry kids when you're busy in the kitchen. Tap in to your -- and your child's creativity -- to make these fun and yummy turkey-shaped foods.

Turkey Pancakes

Make these pancakes together with your child. You can cook the pancakes, and your child can help you assemble them.

  1. Make the pancakes : Make different sized pancakes, one for the turkey body and a smaller; one for the turkey head. If you want to get fancy, you can make the head pancake include a neck (the little pancake shaped like an old-fashioned keyhole).
  2. Assemble the pancakes: Stack the smaller pancake on top of the body pancake, centering it.
  3. Attach the "feathers": The turkey feathers can be made from a variety of foods. You can make additional "feather-shaped" pancakes, but you have other options. You can also make toast, butter it, and then cut the toast into long, skinny triangle shapes. Fruit, like bananas and apples can be sliced and used as feathers. You can even use orange sections. Whatever you choose, arrange them along the top of the large pancake, fanning them out to look like feathers.
  1. Make the turkey face: Cut a small triangle from an apple or banana to use as the beak. You could also use a piece of candy corn, a sliced almond, or cut carrot. For the eyes, use raisins or chocolate chips.
  2. Add feet (optional): The body, head, and feathers are the most important part of the pancakes, but if you want to add some feet, you have several options. You can use pretzels, carrots, apples, bananas, or anything else that you can use to shape the feet. All you need is one straight, skinny piece for the leg, and three smaller skinny pieces that fan out from the leg for the turkey feet.

    If your child likes pumpkin pancakes, you can make these pancakes out of pumpkin pancake batter or sweet potato pancake batter.  If you're looking for a full breakfast with protein, bread, and fruit, make a breakfast pancake that includes scrambled eggs, strawberries and orange sections for the feathers.

    Turkey Toast

    You have three options for creating a turkey-shaped toast.

    Option One: Toast two pieces of bread. One will be for the body and one will be for the head, beak, and feathers. Spread peanut butter or cream cheese on one piece. Spread jelly or jam on the other piece. Cut the piece with the jam or jelly into eighths. Arrange six of those small pieces around three sides of the whole piece of toast - points facing outward. Those are the feathers. Place another of the eighths on top of the whole piece to make the head. Cut the tip of the head piece off and place it on top of the head piece to make a separate beak. Use raisins for the eyes.

    Option Two: Cut a circle out of a piece of bread with a biscuit cutter or round cookie cutter. Toast the circle. This is the body of the turkey. Butter the toast and sprinkle it with cinnamon and sugar or spread peanut butter or jelly on it. To make the feathers, cut an apple or cheese slices into wedges and arrange them around the circle.

    Cut slices of cheese for a beak and for the legs and feet. Use raisins for the eyes.  You could substitute an English muffin for the round toast.

    Option Three: Trace your child's hand on a piece of paper to make a template. Use the template to cut out a hand shape from a piece of bread. Toast the hand-shaped bread. The palm of the hand is the body, the fingers are the feathers, and the thumb is the head. Decorate the hand any way you like. Use cinnamon and sugar, peanut butter,cream cheese, jelly - whatever your child likes. Use cheese or carrots to make a beak and feet. Use raisins for the eyes.

    These ideas will get you started. All you need now is some time and creative thinking.

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