Turkey Shaped Snacks

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Turkey Shaped Snacks

You can fix some special turkey-shaped foods for your child for breakfast, like turkey pancakes and toast in the days before Thanksgiving, but you can also fix some tasty turkey-shaped snacks. Your child can eat these snacks at home or take them to school as part of his or her lunch.

Turkey Muffins

Start out with your favorite muffin recipe or one that is perfect  for the season like pumpkin muffins or cranberry muffins.

Then, depending on the type of muffin you have made, add the feathers, beak, and eyes, using foods that will blend well with the flavor of the muffin. You can use orange slices with the cranberry muffins to make the feathers, and then use cream cheese or sliced almonds and raisins to make the beak and the eyes.  You can use cream cheese, almonds, and raisins with pumpkin muffins, too. To make feathers for the pumpkin muffins, use whole almonds, grapes, or slices of apple or pears.

You can also make whole grain, oatmeal, or cheese muffins. Those muffins give you additional options for feathers and beaks. You can use fruit, but you can also use certain vegetables like carrots and celery. Instead of cream cheese, you could use other cheeses. You could even cut triangle shapes out of the cheese and use them for the feathers in these types of muffins.

Don't worry too much about a perfect looking turkey.

Your child is unlikely to care as long as it looks something like a turkey. It's even more fun for the kids if you allow them to put the turkey together. In fact, letting the kids assemble the turkey muffins can be a way to encourage picky eaters to eat.

Turkey Fruits and Vegetables

A pear and an apple turkey are made in basically the same way.

Pear Turkey: To make a pear turkey, cut a pear in half lengthwise. Cut one half into slices to use for the feathers. Alternate pear slices with orange sections around the pear, from the bottom on one side to the bottom of the other. The bottom is the wide part of the pear. The tapered end of the pear is the head. You can also put grapes, pear chunks, and cheese chunks on toothpicks and then stick those around the pear for the feathers. Cut a slice of cheese or a dried apricot for the feet. Cut a raisin in half and use the two halves for the eyes. For the beak, use a nut. You can use the tip of an almond or a cashew. 

Apple turkey: To make an apple turkey, cut an apple in half lengthwise. You can alternate slices of apple with slices of cheese or oranges for the feathers. As with the pear turkey, you can put chunks of apple and cheese, along with grapes on toothpicks and then stick the toothpicks around the apple. You might also use different kinds of cheese on the toothpick. Create the beak and feet as you would with the pear turkey.

An alternative to both the pear and the apple turkey is to use triangle shaped crackers for the feathers.

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