TV Moms of Twins and Multiples

TV Moms of Multiples

Some are moms of twins, and some play them on TV. Getty Images

Twins are a popular plot line in many television shows. And many popular actresses from television shows are also a mom of twins. Take a look at this collection of actresses. Can you tell which ones are real-life moms of twins and multiples, and which ones just play them on TV ? 

  • Julie Bowen of Modern Family
  • Felicity Huffman of American Crime and Desperate Housewives
  • Anna Paquin of True Blood
  • Marcia Cross of Desperate Housewives and Melrose Place
  • Patricia Heaton of The Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond
  • Molly Ringwald of The Secret Life of the American Teenager
  • Connie Britton of Nashville, Friday Night Lights, and American Horror Story
  • Marcia Gay Harden of Trophy Wife and How to Get Away with Murder
  • Tracee Ellis Ross of Black-ish
  • Jane Seymour of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman
  • Lisa Kudrow of Friends and Web Therapy
  • Kate Gosselin of Kate Plus 8

Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen
Julie Bowen is a mom of twin boys. Jason Merritt / Getty Images

 Julie Bowen = Real Life Mom of Twins

Like many moms of twins, Julie Bowen is used to having two of everything. So it's only fitting that she is a TWO-time Emmy winner for her role as Claire Dunphy on the comedy series ​Modern Family. She's a real-life mom of twin boys, John and Gustav, who were born in 2009. 

Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman played a mom of twins on TV. Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

 Felicity Huffman = TV Mom of Twins

Felicity Huffman is an award-winning actress with a long list of stage, film and television credits. In real life, she and husband William H. Macy have two girls, but they are not twins. However, she did play a mom of twins on TV. In her Emmy-Award-winning turn as Lynnette Scavo on Desperate Housewives, she was a mom to rascally twin boys (a common twin stereotype) named Preston and Porter. In the finale of Season Five, Lynnette discovers she is pregnant with another set of twins but she lost one of the babies in the next season.  

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin is a mom of twins. Michael Buckner / Getty Images

 Anna Paquin = Real Life Mom of Twins

On TV, Anna Paquin plays a vampire-chasing telepath on the HBO series True Blood. In real life, she is the second-youngest Oscar winner for her role in The Piano at age 11 in 1994. In 2012, she gave birth to boy/girl twins named Charlie and Poppy. Their father is her True Blood co-star, Stephen Moyer. 

Marcia  Cross

Marcia Cross
Actress Marcia Cross is a mother of twins. Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

 Marcia Cross = Real Life Mom of Twins

Marcia Cross co-starred with Felicity Huffman on the hit series Desperate Housewives, playing perfectionist homemaker mom Bree Van de Kamp. In real life, Cross became a first-time mom at the age of 45. She had twin girls, Eden and Savannah, in 2007. 

Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton played a mom of twins on TV. Michael Tran / Getty Images

Patricia Heaton = TV Mom of Twins

With four boys of her own, Patricia Heaton has plenty of experience as a mother. Perhaps that's why she has been so successful playing the role of mom on television. As Frankie Heck, she rules the roost on The Middle but it was her Emmy-winning run as Debra Barone that earns her qualification as a mom of twins. Along with Ray Romano (who incidentally has twins himself), the Barone family of Everybody Loves Raymond were parents to twin boys. 

Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald is a mom of twins. Kevin Winter / Getty Images

 Molly Ringwald = Real Life Mom of Twins

Perhaps Molly Ringwald is better known for her roles as an 80's teenage sweetheart, in movies like Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink. But she's sustained a successful acting career throughout adulthood, starring in movies and television series. In  The Secret Life of the American Teenager, she played a mom of three kids. In real life, she also has three children, including boy/girl twins Roman and Adele born in 2009. 

Connie Britton

Connie Britton played a woman pregnant with twins. George Pimentel / Getty Images

 Connie Britton = TV Mom of Twins

You might know her best as a country star on Nashville or a football coach's wife on Friday Night Lights. But in between, Connie Britton played a woman pregnant with twins in "Murder House," the first season of American Horror Story.  The pregnancy is part of a bizarre plot line involving heteropaternal superfecundation -- twins with different fathers, including one who is a ghost. 

Marcia Gay Harden

Actress Marcia Gay Harden is a mom of twins. Imeh Akpanudosen

 Marcia Gay Harden = Real Life Mom of Twins

She's won an Oscar and a Tony and has been nominated for an Emmy. If you admit to seeing Fifty Shades of Grey, you might remember her as Christian Grey's adoptive mother but she's perhaps better known for other films, like Whip It!, Mystic River, Pollock, and The First Wives Club. On TV, she most recently appeared as Viola Davis' sister-in-law in How to Get Away with Murder. Her fraternal twins, Julitta Dee Scheel and Hudson Scheel Harden, were born in 2004.  

Tracee Ellis Ross

Actress Tracee Ellen Ross. Earl Gibson III / Getty Images

 Tracee Ellis Ross = TV Mom of Twins

She's been a girlfriend and a Doctor, and plays both a doctor and a mom on the series Black-ish. Among the sitcom family's children are six-year-old twins. Tracee's mom is singer Diana Ross. 

Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour is an author of several books, including Two at a Time.
Jane Seymour is an author of several books, including Two at a Time. Getty Images / Frazer Harrison

Jane Seymour = Real Life Mom of Twins 

With a list of film and television credits that spans decades and genres, Jane Seymour has played a multitude of roles. Perhaps her most iconic is that of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, a 1990's drama series featuring Seymour in the title role as a physician in the Old West. The actress is also an accomplished artist, writer, and designer. Among her six children are twin boys born in 1995. Johnny Stacy and Kristopher Steve are named after two of Seymour's friends, Johnny Cash and Christopher Reeve. 

Lisa Kudrow

As Phoebe on Friends, Lisa Kudrow was pregnant with triplets. Frederick M. Brown

 Lisa Kudrow = TV Mom of Triplets

When actress Lisa Kudrow became pregnant in 1997, the writers for the series Friends incorporated her condition into her character's storyline. Phoebe, the wacky blonde friend in the iconic series, also became pregnant, as a surrogate for her brother and his wife. Although Kudrow was only carrying one baby, Phoebe delivered triplets. It wasn't the only plot on the show with a multiples theme. Lisa occasionally portrayed Phoebe's twin sister, Ursula, on the show, and in the series finale, Monica and Chandler adopt twins. 

Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin 2012
Kate Gosselin in 2012. Getty Images / Kris Connor

 Kate Gosselin = Real Life and Reality TV Mom of Twins and Sextuplets

While not technically an actress, Kate Gosselin made a name for herself as a mom of multiple multiples and the matriarch of a reality series featuring her family. When John & Kate Plus 8 debuted in 2007, she was still married to husband Jon Gosselin; the show depicted the challenges of raising 7-year-old twin girls and 3-year-old sextuplets. After the divorce, the show regrouped as Kate Plus 8, and followed the family in 2010 and again in 2015. Kate also appeared on Dancing with the Stars and Celebrity Apprentice

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