Tween Costume Ideas for Preteen Boys

It can be difficult to come up with costume ideas for the preteen set. Especially when preteen boys are involved. They still want to participate in trick-or-treating, but they have to be careful to keep to their cool image. These tween costume ideas for preteen boys are fun to put together, and won't risk hurting your child's cool image.

Pizza Delivery Guy Costume

This is a perfect last-minute tween costume idea for boys or girls. The empty pizza box is key to pulling this costume off. Your child can have a lot of fun with this costume. Every time someone answers their door, your tween can say, "Pizza delivery guy is here."

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Secret Service Agent Costume

Can your tween keep a straight face? Can he look serious and show little or no emotion? If so, the Secret Service Agent costume might be for him. This tween costume idea is ideal for any boy who craves a little danger. Just dress him in a suit, give him a pair of ear buds, and you're more than half-way there. The key here is in the serious expression he'll need to perfect.

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Captain Kirk Costume

Is anyone cooler than Captain Kirk? This tween costume idea for boys is based on the original Star Trek series and can be pulled together with items from your child's closet. If you want to go a step further, wrap a water pistol in aluminum foil, dull side showing - it makes a great phaser.

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Construction Worker Costume

Another easy tween costume idea pulled together in minutes. If you don't have a hard hat, substitute a baseball hat, wear it backward and your child can easily convince everybody that he's a handy man.

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Make a Pirate Costume

A pirate is always a fun option. The outfit is easy to put together, and fun to wear.

Make a Harry Potter Costume

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