When Image Is Everything: Tween Boys Costumes You Can Make

Standing out from the crowd while still fitting in

It can be difficult to come up with costume ideas for the preteen set — especially when tween boys are involved. They still want to participate in trick-or-treating, but they are interested in keeping up an image, looking cool and donning a costume that gets the attention of all of their friends. 

The tween years can be a struggle when it comes to self-worth and building a strong self-esteem. Though you can't stop your child from judging their own abilities and harshly comparing how their bodies match up to others, there are a number of ways you can provide support when it comes to finding ways to fit in with their friends — helping suggest killer costume ideas for Halloween seems to be one of those ways.

Cool Costumes for Tween Boys: Simple and Easy to Make 

These tween costume ideas for preteen boys are fun and inexpensive to put together, and won't risk hurting your child's cool image. Also, spending time together and partaking in creative activities can help your tween become a well-rounded teen. Don't be afraid to suggest a bunch of different ideas to your tween, but let him pick and help out in putting all the costume elements together. 

Pizza Delivery Guy Costume

Chef holding a pizza box
Glow Images, Inc/Getty Images

This is a perfect last-minute tween costume idea for boys (or girls). The empty pizza box is key to pulling this costume off. Your child can have a lot of fun with this costume. Every time someone answers the door while they are trick or treating, your tween can say, "Pizza delivery guy is here!"

Let's not forget that your tween can get really crafty with the contents of the pizza box. From the grossest pizzas made of dirt and gummy worms to a printout of a maggot-filled pizza that he can make on the computer, the possibilities are endless.

Secret Service Agent Costume

Security boy
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Can your tween keep a straight face? Can he look serious and show little or no emotion? If so, the Secret Service Agent costume might be for him. This tween costume idea is ideal for any boy who craves a little danger. Just dress him in a suit, give him a pair of ear buds, dark sunglasses and you're more than half-way there. The key here is in the serious expression he'll need to perfect.

Captain Kirk Costume

Is anyone cooler than Captain Kirk? This tween costume idea for boys is based on the original Star Trek series and can be pulled together with items from your child's closet. Try black pants and a black crew neck t-shirt worn under a long-sleeved yellow shirt. If you want to go a step further, wrap a water pistol in aluminum foil, dull side showing — it makes a great phaser.

Handy Man or Construction Worker Costume

Boy playing construction worker
Colin Hawkins/Getty Images

Another easy tween costume idea pulled together in minutes. Think cargo pants, a flannel shirt, a tool belt (you can easily make a belt from duct tape, let him get creative!). Adding a pencil tucked behind the ear and work boots ties the whole look together. A hard hat would be a nice touch, but don't worry if you don't have one — substitute a baseball hat, wear it backward and your tween can easily convince everybody that he's a handy man. 

Harry Potter Costume

UK - 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' Releases in London
Rune Hellestad - Corbis/Getty Images

There are many characters your tween can choose from when it comes to the Harry Potter books. Keep it simple with a pair of glasses (you can always take a pair of old sunglasses and pop out the shaded lenses), a lightening bolt drawn on the forehead with eyeliner, and a simple white shirt and tie to bring Harry Potter himself to life. 

Or your tween might choose to go as the villain Lord Voldemort (think about making a face mask, donning long nails and wearing a black robe).

A Classic Pirate Costume

Boy in pirate's costume holding sword in one hand and bead
Gary Ombler/Getty Images

A pirate is always a fun option. The outfit is easy to put together, and fun to wear. All you need is a bandana to tie around your tween's head, a homemade eye patch made from fabric or paper and a scarf wrapped around the waist. Any extra accessories like a sword or parrot are non-necessities but add a nice touch.

Think Outside the Box and Get Crafty

Helping your tween create a one-of-a-kind halloween costume can be a great bonding experience. Don't be afraid to encourage him to think of all the different ways he can use everyday household items to put together costumes of his favorite characters. He's sure to take more pride in his costume and his creation than any old store-bought version.

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