Tween Girl Gift Ideas

Ideas for the girly girl in your life

Have fun shopping for your girly girl
Girly girl gifts can include hair accessories, books, and soaps. Photo: Foxumon,

Are you shopping for a present for a preteen girl? Barbie dolls may not be a safe bet anymore, but there are plenty of great girl gift ideas for the girly girl in your life. If you're present shopping for a tween girl, just remember that most tween girls are ready to engage their feminine side. Even tomboys like to break out the nail polish and makeup once in a while. To make shopping easier on yourself, consider the following suggestions for the tween girl on your list.

Great Girl Gift Ideas for Girly Girls

  • A manicure kit, complete with polish, a nail file, nail clippers, etc. You can even make a gift basket that includes nail polish remover, a few colors of polish, and nail stickers. 
  • A hairbrush, mirror, and comb set
  • A makeup kit complete with a book on makeup for beginners
  • A travel kit complete with mini soap, mini shampoo, mini conditioner, mini body lotion, travel sized makeup remover, a small hairbrush, and a travel sized hair straightener or curling iron
  • Perfume
  • Shower and body lotion
  • A magazine subscription to a preteen girl magazine such as American Girl, Discovery Girls or Girls' Life
  • A pretty picture frame for her bedroom
  • A pretty pillow for her bed
  • A make-your-own perfume or lip gloss kit
  • A spa kit complete with body lotion, body scrub, moisturizers, a plug-in candle, an eye mask, a facial scrub, a loofah, etc.
  • A gift card from her favorite store
  • A pretty jewelry box
  • A mirror for her school locker
  • A copy of her favorite movie
  • A diary with a lock and key
  • A message board for her room
  • A stylish wallet
  • Silly Bandz
  • Makeup brushes
  • Headbands and other hair accessories
  • A lip gloss collection
  • Personalized stationery, sticky notes, etc.
  • A stylish cellphone protector
  • A stylish umbrella
  • Scented sachets for her drawers and closet
  • A few of her favorite books to read when she's relaxing
  • Tickets to see her favorite band (along with tickets for a friend or two)
  • A cute nightlight for her room or bathroom
  • A stand so she can hang her favorite necklaces or bracelets
  • A gift card to her favorite local restaurant
  • A date so the two of you can go shopping together
  • A few fun girly folders that she can use for school work, homework or to keep important documents, notes, or letters
  • Flameless candles for her room or bathroom
  • A book about her favorite animal
  • A book about her favorite band or movie star
  • Potpourri for her room
  • Pretty magnets for her school locker
  • A cute pair of girly rainboots
  • Cute matching gloves, scarf and hat set for cold, winter weather
  • A collection of different colored bandanas or scarves
  • A new backpack for school -- in her favorite color, of course
  • An assortment of fun socks
  • A cute change purse

Note: If you're still unsure about what to get your tween girly girl, your best bet is to talk to her friends. They will know all the latest trends, and will also know what your tween's likes and dislikes might be. In the end, you can always give your little diva a coupon that she can redeem so that the two of you can pick out something special together. 

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