Tween Moments that Make Parenting Fun

Parenting is hard, but these moments prove it's worth it

Special moments make parenting tweens fun.
Happy moments between you and your tween make parenting fun and easy.

Parenting tweens is a series of ups and down for many parents. Your growing child will sometimes act like a little adult, and sometimes like the toddler he once was. Often a phase that requires a great deal of patience of parents, tweens can both make you proud, and have you questioning every parenting decision you ever made. The truth is that during the tween years your child will share moments with you that will remind you that parenting is fun, and that you're doing a great job raising your child.


Tween Moments to Remember  

When Your Tween Says, "I Love You!" You probably tell your child all the time that you love him, but when your child tells you he loves you back, it's a moment to remember, especially if your child shares his feelings without being prompted from you. Cherish all the tender moments you share with your tween, and remember them when times get tough and your patience runs low. You might even let your child know how much his words mean to you, and how wonderful you feel when he takes the time for a hug or a simple, "Love ya, Mom."

When Your Tween Takes Initiative: Sometimes it seems like parents just nag their way through the day, constantly reminding their children to get dressed, catch the bus, do their homework, clean their room, etc. But when your child begins to take responsibility you know he is beginning the journey of growing up. If your tween takes initiative to begin a school project without your prompting, or try out for the school play, be sure you let your child know how proud you are that he's willing to take a chance and work for the results he wants.


When Your Tween Confides in You: You know you have a good relationship with your child when he confides in you, and tells you something that is going on in his life, or something that's been bothering him or someone he knows. Be a good listener so that your tween will continue to want to seek out your opinion when times get difficult.


When Your Tween Helps Someone Else: You've probably spent years teaching your child to be kind and to help others who are not as fortunate. If you witness your child helping someone else, a younger sibling, a friend, or a stranger, be sure you take the time to let it all sink in. Let your tween know that you appreciate his thoughtful attitude and that you're proud of his actions. Give yourself a big pat on the back for raising a child who cares. Try to foster your child's service to others by seeking out volunteer positions at a local animal shelter, nursing home, or through a local community or civi organization.

When Your Tween Displays His Work Ethic: Every parent wants to raise a child with a solid work ethic, someone whose not afraid to put in a hard day's work or get a little dirty. If your tween takes it upon himself to start his own petsitting business, babysitting business, or work hard cleaning his room, or helping organize the garage, then you're parenting a tween with a good work ethic.


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