Tweens, Gifts and Special Occasions

Make tween gift shopping easier by considering gifts that nurture imagination, are technologically interesting, or are just plain fun. Here's what you need to know about tweens, gifts, and finding something special for a birthday, Christmas, or another special occasion.

Consider Electronic Gifts

Little girl downloading music from internet
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Tweens know a thing or two about technology. Whether it's computers, a cell phone, or some other device, chances are they understand even more than you do about how to use it, and have fun doing so. Prices of many electronic gaming systems have come down in recent years, making them an economical gift for tweens. Other gifts can include an iPod, or a mini-camcorder.

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Gifts for Girls

A tween gift can make a statement, or support a cause. Photo courtesy of
Girls are into so many things these days that it can make tween gift shopping easy. When buying for a tween girl, think about her hobbies, her passions, her collections, and even the causes that she supports. Inspiration can come from a variety of sources. If all else fails, ask her for a wish list or take her window shopping to see what catches her attention. And remember, when it comes tweens, gifts don't have to be expensive to be appreciated.

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Gifts for Boys

Anything that glows-in-the-dark or lights-up make great gift ideas for boys. Photo courtesy of Poof-Slinky, Inc.
If you're buying for your tween, gift giving can be easy. If you're buying for another, it can be difficult, especially if you don't know much about the child. Fortunately, boys are pretty easy to please when it comes to gift giving. You can't really go wrong with computer games, remote-controlled cars, magic kits and other gag gifts. For many tweens, gifts are associated with good times, so consider a gift card to a local movie theater or a bowling alley.

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Small Gifts Can Have a Big Impact

A tween gift that fits easily into a Christmas stocking, earbuds vary in price.
Earbuds make a great tween gift. Stockxpert
A well-received tween gift doesn't have to bust the budget to be appreciated. Sometimes, tweens enjoy the smaller gifts as much as they do the larger, and more expensive ones. Consider stocking stuffer-type gifts when shopping for tweens. Gifts for girls can include soaps, lip gloss, books, journals, and inexpensive jewelry. Boys like anything that glows-in-the-dark, lights-up, or appeals to their sense of humor. Earbuds make a great gift for boys or girls, and they don't cost an arm and a leg.

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A Few Final Suggestions

For tweens, gifts can be fun, educational, or even a little bit wacky. Tweens want to express their individuality, so consider gifts that can help them do that. For example, a tween might want a gift card to download music, or a decoration for a bedroom. Personalized gifts are always an option, such as a personalized handbag for a girl, or for a boy, an iPod or other music player with your child's name etched on it. Also, consider craft kits, event gifts, such as tickets to a concert, or even a day alone with your tween to do something special.

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