The Twelve (Safe Sex) Days of Christmas

Even though contraception isn’t something that you typically think about when it comes to Christmas, the holiday season is not the time to forget about birth control. During the “Twelve Days of Christmas,” don't let your true love give to you a sexually transmitted infection. So, if you are planning to be “naughty” on the twelve days of Christmas, be “nice” and protect yourself (and your partner).

The following is some fun information to help you keep safe sex on your mind during the holiday season.

Christmas Condoms

Christmas Condoms. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

Christmas is that festive time of year to spend time with family and friends, eat some yummy food and be in good spirits. You can listen to some Christmas carols, trim the tree and try to stay awake for Santa. Yet, there is no reason that the eggnog has to be the only spicy thing on Christmas. Spice up your lovemaking with a Christmas condom or a red and green colored one. Also did you know that condoms come in different flavors? Looking to give a tasty Christmas treat? Try substituting in a mint condom for a candy cane, a vanilla condom for Christmas cookies, or a strawberry one instead of Grandma's Jell-O mold!

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Thus, in true Christmas spirit, I leave you with the saying found on the red scarf of Frosty's Magic Hat Condoms:

"There must have been some magic in that latex hat they found, for when they placed it on his head, he began to dance around!"

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Avoiding an Unexpected Christmas Gift

Unexpected Christmas Gift. Vesna Andjic/E+/Getty Images

It is easy to get caught up in all the holiday festivities this time a year. So, while snuggling with your special someone near a cozy fire or underneath the Christmas tree, make sure that you are not the recipient of an unwelcome Christmas "gift" - how? By using a condom. Condoms are the only birth control method that can help protect you against sexually transmitted infections.

Also, keep in mind that if you drink too much eggnog or "give in" to an irresistible elf, and you do not want to be receiving an unplanned Christmas gift nine months from now... take advantage of emergency contraception.

When Hanukkah and Oil Don't Mix

When Hanukkah and Oil Don't Mix. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

For all my Jewish readers, the holidays will find you celebrating Hanukkah, the festival of lights. This holiday commemorates the great miracle of the oil lasting for eight nights, allowing the temple to be rebuilt. Since the Hanukkah celebration centers around oil, you may be enjoying the treats of latkes and donuts. Though it is perfectly fine to indulge in oil-fried food, make sure to stay clear of oil-based lubricants. These types of lubes can damage latex condoms, which could ruin your holiday festivities (and lead to an unintended Hanukkah present). Instead, try some of these latex condom (and Hanukkah-approved) personal lubricants:

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Make an Impression at Your Holiday Party

Pill Pack Candy Mold. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

If you are looking for an entertaining way to bring some cheer to your holiday office party, then boy, do I have the product for you! In fact, I felt compelled to share the following with you all as you can only imagine my surprise when it came into my possession... ready -- a chocolate birth control pill pack mold! What a perfect treat to bring to your office for the holidays, especially if you work in a doctor's office, family planning clinic, women's organization, pharmaceutical company, PR firm, and the lists goes on and on!

Any color melting candy can be used in these pill pack molds to really make them look authentic. Obviously, these candy molds are also perfect for baby or bridal showers - they can send the important message to "use your birth control" in a very amusing way. Try to envision your friend's or even college student's response if you sent these in a care package. How else can you send a yummy treat that shows how much you care while also reminding them to use contraception? I love it!

And If the office isn't the proper venue for these candy pill packs, then how about a New Year's party? I am sure that your guests will share a great laugh after seeing these creations stacked so beautifully on a plate or in a bowl. As a person passionate about contraception use, I can't think of a better way to remind your party guests to make choosing a birth control method part of their New Year's resolution lists. Think of the responses you can generate. Now... if only you can find a mold for chocolate condoms, too... imagine the impressions you will make then. Look for these candy molds on eBay -- Happy Celebrating!

Along the same idea, garner some great responses from your guests by hanging condom ornaments on your Christmas tree!

Santa Gets Around

Santa Gets Around. Photo © 2014 Dawn Stacey

For one night a year, Santa parties all night. While Mrs. Claus is back at home watching the elves, Santa is cavorting from city to city, sneaking into the houses of thousands of beautiful women. With his loaded "sack" of surprises, Santa goes from house to house, leaving his goodies behind... sexy lingerie, satin pajamas, or 5-inch heels. He is discreet, but there are times we get a glimpse of his playboy ways.

At the mall, there are hundreds of kids wanting to talk to Santa, and with each little boy or girl, there is a mother giving Santa that "come hither" look... dreaming about her own gift from Santa. Farther back in line, a group of young coeds from the nearby college wait to take a seat on Santa's lap to let him know just how good they have been all year. With all his playing the field, we can only hope that Santa is smart and uses condoms each and every time he comes down the chimney... pardon the pun.

Santa if you're listening... or reading... here's some helpful information to keep you and your female followers safe. And remember... always wrap your gift... each and every time!

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