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This adorable little cuddly tech toy came in the same delivery as the Nighty Night Owl by Cloud-B -- it was a delightful afternoon for the Ryan children! This is an updated edition of Twilight Turtle. The improvements are more than just added bells and whistles -- they make this a much richer, more practical, and more economical choice for parents. However, you need to get over a little sticker shock and understand that the cost -- over $50 -- is worth the price in the long run.

How it works

Like its predecessor, Twilight Turtle Tunes is a sleep aid disguised as a toy. In this case, it's actually a toy, sleep aid, and audio device. Considering I had a toddler who had begun to give me some heartache at night due to frequent wakings, I could use something that would ease  a tot to sleep. We, coincidentally, were having problems with the radio I use in the kids' room -- the third one in a tortured line of CD players that the little ones can't stop fussing with. 

Here, we had an all in one solution to our problems, it seemed -- sleepy time toy and music player together in a cute turtle (Little Guy's favorite animal). 

My first thought was, "Oh, another Dream Lite." But this turtle is several steps above the Dream Lite, which is a stuffed animal with a light projector on its back. Twilight Turtle does project light in twinkling stars and constellations onto the bedroom ceiling (assuming your toddler allows the room to be darker than mine does).

 Twilight Turtle Tunes takes that experience to the next level by adding audio. You can play a set of pre-recorded sounds (white noise) or, you can play audio from a Bluetooth enabled device (smart phone or tablet). 

The instruction manual and promotional material explain how you can download the free Cloud-B app to sync your phone or tablet with the turtle, allowing you to play and mix up a large library of tunes provided by the manufacturer, Cloud-B.

You can also purchase an upgraded version of the app so you can make music that you've downloaded to your own phone or tablet play your child's Twilight Turtle Tunes in the next room. This sounded good to me since my kids like to listen to music going to sleep but have proven that they can't be trusted with a CD player (or the iPad) without supervision. 

Happy Surprise

As charming as the idea of playing music on our turtle pal was (without the worry of having my little guys mess up any expensive gadgets), I immediately lamented two points : 1) to play music  other than the Cloud-B tunes (which were pretty and relaxing, but a bit dull), I had to create a playlist -- something I don't have time or interest in doing.; 2) more than music, my little boys like to go to sleep to audio books but Twilight Turtle Tunes didn't seem to support that.  

While I was thinking about these points, I let my 5 year old play with Twilight Turtle Tunes. He brought it in while I was making dinner to show me that it was playing the Pandora radio station I had been listening to. He had hit the Bluetooth buttons and found it would pick up whatever audio was on our iPad. That night, Little Guy and his tech savvy older brother went to sleep listening to an audio book from while watching the stars projected from a turtle's back and cuddling the little creature between them.

This was awesome!

Making it even more amazing was the rechargeable battery. Finally, toy makers are on to what mom's want! Our old Dream Lites went through batteries faster than a toddler tearing through the playground. In fact, they have been dark for weeks because it just isn't possible for me to buy that many batteries a month.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Technology with FREE Twilight Tunes app
  • Choose from a pre-set library of melodies and sounds
  • Combine sounds to create a custom mix
  • Premium app available for $1.99
  • Include personal music library in any mix
  • Melody and star projection can be programmed for up to 24 hours
  • Cycles through 3 colors automatically when used with Bluetooth
  • Includes Li-On rechargeable batteries and AC adapter

What You Should Know If You Buy the Twilight Turtle Tunes

There is one drawback to the adorable turtle -- a price tag just over $50. Given the savings on batteries and the fact that this is a good alternative to a CD player and radio for my kids, the price is worth it in my opinion. It does sound high, but it's just like any toy out there -- you get what you pay for. In this case, I can get a toy that my Little Guy will be able to use for many years to come.

Bottom Line

Little Guy went to sleep on his own and stayed in his own bed all night (that's a big deal).

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