10 Great Twin Boy Name Combinations

How do you choose two names that will work well together?

If you are expecting twin boys, you may be thinking about choosing names that will work well together. Of course, you'll probably want to avoid options such as Bill and Phil or Jim and Tim! This list is not comprehensive, but it should help to get your creative juices flowing and start your wheels turning. What appeals to you? Names with similar sounds? Names with a similar number of letters? How about names that start with the same letter? Nicknames?

Zach and Alex

Newborn Twins
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Here are two traditional baby name variants that each have only 4 letters in them. While they sound nothing alike, they do have a similar look on paper. This can be a nice meeting ground if you're looking for something similar but different.

Steven and Jonathan

Twin baby boys
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These are very different, very sturdy, and very common names for boys. They both also have nicknames that work well with each name. (Steve and Jon)

Ezra and Samuel

Twin baby boys
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Looking for two typical but Biblical names? Then either of these names may work for you. They are distinctly different and might work really well for fraternal or dizygotic twins.

Kevin and Kiernan

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Looking for names that start with the same letter but don't look the same or sound the same? This is an interesting mix of names that will give you a nice alliterate sound when you say them together.

Noah and Niles

Twin babies sleeping
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Want to try a tongue twister? This might put you on the track. Many parents love how names like these sound together. Though I would caution you, what sounds nice the first one hundred times, might wear thin in the years to come.

Ethan and Liam

Twin babies
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These two fairly popular names are a great combination for twin boys. Both are strong names and higher on the charts. Together they are a strong pair.

Joseph and Jacob

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More alliteration for those who love it, but this time you've got a bit of diversity with the length, a hint of the Bible, and yet you've got some nickname potential too. (Joe, Jose, Jake)

Owen and Ian

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These two popular names have a similar feel but look and sound different. There aren't really any nickname possibilities here, but you could try.

Moses and Aaron

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More biblical names, but fun names to be sure. These very masculine names are a great combo for the right set of twin boys. No real nicknames work here.

Paul and Jack

Newborn baby twins
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Simple but effective - they are strong, English, "real boy" names. They also have only four letters in each name, but look and sound very different from one another. A great choice for parents who wish to avoid nicknames (though Jack is often a nickname for John).

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