Twin Dolls - Dolls That are Twins

Dolls have long been a popular toy for children. One reason for their popularity as a plaything is that they provide an opportunity for boys and girls to role play and explore different identities. Here's a list of dolls and character toys that are twins -- perfect for families with multiples, or for anyone with an interest in multiple birth. {Got triplets? Here's a list of triplet dolls.

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JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Dolls

JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Babies twin dolls
JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Babies twin dolls. Photo courtesy of

 These high quality 12-inch baby dolls are outfitted in adorable coordinating outfits adorned with owls. With one boy baby, and one girl baby, the dolls feature realistic expressions; each one is unique and you don't know which one you will get! Shop for JC Toys Lots to Cuddle Dolls at

Big Sister Dora

Big Sister Dora twin dolls
Big Sister Dora with baby twin dolls. Photo courtesy of

Popular television character, Dora the Explorer, becomes a big sister to baby twins. Press Dora’s hand to hear her sing the "Big Sister Song" and speak in English & Spanish! Add the Big Sister Dora Nursery Addition to provide the twins with a playplace.

Barbie 12 Dancing Princess: Twin Sisters Isla & Hadley

Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Twin Dolls
Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Twin Dolls. Photo courtesy of

Barbie's younger sisters in "The 12 Dancing Princesses" movie and play set line are twins, Isla and Hadley. Available as a set including both dolls with stands that snap together to allow the dolls to spin in synchronicity. Buy Dancing Princess Twin Dolls at

Calico Critters

Calico Critters Twin Dolls
Calico Critters Twin Dolls. Photo courtesy of

These cute animal doll families are available in a wide range of twin characters -- from Comfrey and Angelica, the Cottontail Rabbits, to William and Fiona, the Beagle Dogs. The playsets, manufactured by International Playthings, are high quality, with vivid detail despite their small size. A variety of dollhouses, furniture and accessories make this a top choice for playtime. Shop for Calico Critters at

Bratz Babyz Twins

Bratz Baby Twiins dolls
Brat Baby Twiins dolls. Photo courtesy of

Baby Bratz, a spin-off of the popular fashion dolls, retain the glamour of their big sisters, but in a bigger, chunkier shape. With distinct "fashion personalities", twin sets like Roxii and Phoebe or Nona and Tess, are sold with a double dose of fashion accessories, so that they can mix and match their outfits. Shop for Baby Bratz Twins at

Fisher Price Newborn Twins Playset

Fisher Price Newborn Twins Playset twin dolls
Fisher Price Newborn Twins Playset. Photo courtesy of

These soft, cuddly baby dolls wear matching outfits and caps and come with all the accessories for pretend play.  Includes two dolls, a stroller built for two, a high chair with two seats that easily converts to a swing for two; and a  bag to store two bibs, two bowls and spoons, two bottles and two baby food boxes. Two of everything for twice the fun, just like twins! Shop for Fisher Price Newborn Twins Playset at

Barbie Careers Twin Babysitter Doll and Playset

Barbie Twin Babysitter doll with twins
Barbie Twin Babysitter doll play set with twins. Photo courtesy of

 Barbie is an iconic play toy, having been the doll of choice for many generations. She's done it all, and now she tackles the challenge of babysitting baby twins. This play set comes with one Barbie babysitter doll, and two baby dolls, with a high chair for two, baby bathtub, and feeding accessories. And, of course, Barbie is dressed in a spiffy outfit - fashion is important even when you're caring for twins! Shop for Barbie Twin Babysitter at

Lil Cutesies Twin Dolls

Little Cutesies Twin Dolls
Little Cutesies Twin Dolls. Photo courtesy of

These vinyl dolls are a nice size (8.5") and are water-safe, making them a fun toy for the bath or pool. Two dolls have individual detailing giving them distinct personalities, and share a single stroller double stroller. (Also available in a bathtub play set.) Buy Lil' Cutesies Twin Dolls at

My Twinn Doll

Unlike the other items in this list, My Twinn dolls are matched to a child, not another doll. Each doll is individually crafted and handpainted to exactly match a child, down to the last freckle or eyelash. The company's product line also includes matching child/doll outfits.


The Pleasant Company, maker of American Girl and Bitty Baby dolls, presents the Bitty Twins. The 15" pair can be purchased in sets of boys, girls, or mixed twins, and you can choose the physical features like hair, eye and skin color.  Like other products from this company, you get what you pay for: high-quality and finely detailed toys with a price to match. Accessories abound, including a realistic double jogger-style stroller and cute matching outfits. Shop for Bitty Twins at


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