Twins Who Look Nothing Alike

Twins That Don't Look Alike

3 year old fraternal twins, Miguel and Alejandro.
Twins That Look Nothing Alike. Photo reprinted with permission of Rachel.

One of the most common stereotypes about twins is that they are inherently alike. Many people assume that the majority of twins are identical, and that is simply not true. In fact, only one third of twins are identical (the correct term is monozygotic). The majority of twins are fraternal --or dizygotic -- and are as genetically alike as any other brothers and sisters. Just as some siblings share a family resemblance, so too can twins look very much alike or very different. In some cases, they actually look nothing alike! In this photo gallery, we take a look at some who qualify for that last statement. Whether they are different sizes, have different face shapes, different hair color or different eye color, they clearly inherited different physical traits from their parent. 

Just because twins don't "match" doesn't mean that they aren't truly twins. One of the incredible things about parenting twins is being a witness to how two offspring who are the same age at the same time  in the same circumstances can be so utterly and wonderfully unique individuals. We celebrate their special bond, and also celebrate their amazing differences. 

Trinity and Sierra - Twins That Look Nothing Alike

9 month old twins, Sierra and Trinity Powell.
Sierra and Trinity are twins that look nothing alike. Photo reprinted with permission of Tyna Powell.

Here are Trinity and Sierra, twin sisters who look nothing alike. In this picture, they were nine months old, but you can also see them here at  9 months old or again here at 10 1/2 months old. Guess what? They still don't look alike! At the time this picture was submitted, their zygosity was unconfirmed. But given how different they appear, it's good bet that they are fraternal (or dizygotic) twins. 

Allison and Shannon - Twins That Don't Look Alike

12 month old fraternal twins, Allison and Shannon.
These twins, Allison and Shannon, don't look much alike. Photo reprinted with permission of Jodie.

Even with their adorable matching outfits, these twins don't look alike. Twin girls Allison and Shannon were twelve months old in this picture. For these fraternal twins, the only things that look alike are their matching pink socks. With different hair, face shapes, and eyes, they also show their different personalities in the photo. 

Bianca and Dominic - Twins That Look Nothing Alike

15 month old twins, Bianca and Dominic.
Bianca and Dominic, cheering on different teams. Photo reprinted with permission of Sandra.

Clearly, they cheer for different teams, but these boy/girl twins hardly even look like brother and sister! Fifteen-month-old twins, Bianca and Dominic, have totally different features, from their hair color, complexion, facial shape and eye color. She's a dark-haired beauty rooting for the Bulls, and he's got blue eyes that reflect the uniform of his favorite baseball team. 

James and Javon - Different Twins

11 month old fraternal twins, James and Javon.
Twins James and Javon - both cute, but in different ways. Photo reprinted with permission of Leah.

Meet these adorable brothers! James and Javon are twin boys that were 11 months old in this picture. If you didn't know that they were twins, you might wonder if they were even related. The only way that they are alike is that they are both clearly handsome guys. 

Miguel and Alejandro  - Possibly the Least Alike Twins Ever

3 year old fraternal twins, Miguel and Alejandro. Twins That Look Nothing Alike
Miguel and Alejandro, the "Least Alike Twins Ever". Photo reprinted with permission of Rachel.

Their mom calls them possibly "the LEAST alike twins." They are frequently the target of questions like, "They're twins? Really?"or "Are they identical?" or "Are they BOTH yours?"  (She still has't figured out that last one. Who else's would they be?) You can see that these three year old twins, Miguel and Alejandro, don't bear even a passing resemblance to each other. 

Everest and Leif - Twins That Look Different

9 month old fraternal twins, Everest and Leif.
Everest and Leif, twins boys who don't look alike. Photo reprinted with permission of Betty Schlueter

These two cuties were full of personality, even at nine months old. But that's about all that Everest and Leif share in common. They look totally different, from their hair to their eyes, to their smiles.  

Will and Jensen - Twins That Look Nothing Alike

33 month old fraternal twins, Will and Jensen.
Twins, Will and Jensen, look totally different. Photo reprinted with permission of Mimi.

Like most twins, Will and Jensen are clearly good buddies and playmates. (Well, most of the time, anyway!) But they are another set of twins who simply look nothing alike. Look, closely though. While at first glance, they look pretty different, I think they share the same sweet smile. 

Thomas and Adam -

These sleepy sweethearts were only seven weeks old when this picture was captured. Thomas and Adam are fraternal twins and, as you can see, looked nothing alike at this age.  I wonder if they favored each other more as they got older and hair filled in. 

Holly and Amanda - Twins That Look Different

2 year old fraternal twins, Holly and Amanda.
Hollly and Amanda - Twins That Look Different. Photo reprinted with permission of Suzanne.

Now, these fraternal twins could definitely pass as sisters. But with those gorgeous shades of hair color being totally different, they sure don't look alike! One's a blue-eyed blonde, and the other a green-eyed redhead. They are Holly and Amanda, and they were two years old in this picture. 

Daemar and Tremar - Twins That Don't Look Alike

4 month old twins, Daemar & Tremar.
Daemar and Tremar are baby twins that look completely different. Photo reprinted with permission of Dana.

Four-month-old twins, Daemar and Tremar, are at that adorable baby stage where they look like wizened little old men. That, they have in common. But as twins, they look nothing alike. From their face shape to their hairline, they look completely different. Years from now, when they actually are little old men, will they look more similar? Or will they look more like each other as babies?

Dylan and Jackson - Twins That Look Different From Each Other

Two year old fraternal twins, Jackson and Dylan.
Twins Jackson and Dylan, completely different. Photo reprinted with permission of Tabitha.

Meet Dylan and Jackson, celebrating their second birthday. Do you notice the resemblance? No, neither do I. Certainly, they are both handsome boys, and they may share a birthday in common, but they don't look alike. 

Katelyn and Alyssa - Newborn Twins That Look Nothing Alike

2 week old twins, Katelyn Bryannah and Alyssa Catherine.
Newborn twins, Katelyn and Alyssa, who look nothing alike. Photo reprinted with permission of Heather Garcia.

 Tiny twins, Katelyn Bryannah and Alyssa Catherine, were only two weeks old in this picture. We don't know what they look like now, but in this picture as newborns, they certainly look nothing alike. They are both beautiful babies, for sure, but everything from their hair, to ear shape, to expressions is completely distinct. 

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