Ubi - Baby Changing Table

Ubi Baby Changing Table
Photo (c) Ubi

The Ubi Baby Changing Table is very interesting looking. I found it very sleek and stylish, I was even oooing and ahing as I took it out of the box. The wood was very nice and the table felt very solid.

This modern changing table meets all the current US safety rules and does include a safety belt to harness your baby onto the table. This gorgeous table is designed for use on the floor and will hold up to 30 pounds.

There is a slight slant to the table so that baby's head is up, but it didn't seem to cause the babies we changed to slide down, even without the strap. And I would imagine if you get a baby who is actively leaking, it might be nice to have that downward flow to minimize dirty clothes and diapers.

The top of the table is a antimicrobial covering that helps prevent nasty germs and smells from collecting around a typically not so clean area. The patterns are also very interesting at which to look.

There are two styles: basic and deluxe. The biggest difference is that the deluxe allows you to store up to 10 disposable diapers inside. The area also adjusts to fit different sized diapers. This is also where the Velcro tabs come in handy for holding the diaper in place. I actually didn't find this feature as helpful as I had imagined. It also does not work with cloth diapers.

The Ubi is a very stylish and useful diaper changing table.

I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a floor based changing table, though I'd skip the deluxe version.

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