Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Halloween Party for Teens

Help your teen host a safe but festive Halloween party.
Betsie Van Der Meer / Taxi / Getty Images

When teens outgrow trick-or-treating, a Halloween party can be an excellent alternative. Host the party at your house, and you’ll be able to ensure everyone has a safe, but fun Halloween.

Monitor the Guest List

While electronic invitations can be convenient, they can also cause the guest list to get out of hand fast if you’re not careful. Announcing a party over social media could lead to a lot of extra guests.

Set a limit on the number of people your teen can invite to the party. Request attendees RSVP. Knowing how many teens to expect can help you plan the party appropriately.

Make it a Costume Party

While some teens love dressing up, others need a little extra coaxing to put on a costume. Make it clear that the party will be a costume party - otherwise some teens may be too afraid to arrive dressed up. Work with your teen to create a theme - like prom night gone wrong or a zombie party - or let everyone dress up as anything they want.

Decorate the Party Area

Decorations don’t need to be expensive or complicated. Hang spider webs, use orange table cloths, and place a few pumpkins around the room. Keep the lights on - but dim them a bit for just the right ambience.

Serve Plenty of Halloween Treats

Food is an important part of any teenage party. Serve spooky and spectacular Halloween treats that will delight your party goers, such as tombstone brownies or miniature caramel apples.

If you’re looking for entertainment, get the teens involved in decorating their own monster cupcakes or cookies on a stick.

Provide Some Form of Entertainment

Sometimes teens struggle to mingle and talk with one another in a party. Games can be a great way to break the ice and get the party started. Whether you decide to bob for apples or you set up an outdoor pumpkin hunt, a few simple games can be instrumental in ensuring the teens have a great time.

A low cost prize for the winner can also serve as a good motivator. A candy bar, $5 gift card to a local store, or another inexpensive prize may help get everyone excited to play games.

Music can also help keep the party going. Whether your play some old school Halloween music or you play the latest hits, music can encourage teens to mingle and have fun.

Chaperone Without Hovering

It’s important to provide some supervision, without taking over the party. Deliver snacks periodically, refill the drinks, or announce it’s time to play a game. Give your teen a little bit of freedom to spend time with friends without hovering over all their activities, but make sure you’re around enough to prevent the party from getting out of hand.

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