Ultrasound Photos from the 13th Week of Pregnancy

Pictures of Your Baby's Development

13 Weeks Gestation - 1st Baby

1st Baby - 13 Weeks - Ultrasound photo
Photo © Angela

Ultrasounds from week 13 look very different from just a few weeks ago. There is so much more detail!

Welcome to the second trimester!  I know, there really is not a whole lot different from last week, but just being in the second trimester must feel pretty awesome. It's like moving up to middle school. You're not in elementary school anymore, but then again, it's middle school and 6th grade. Don't worry you don't have to ride a school bus or pick seats in the cafeteria - this is a cool group.

So, what are you doing to give yourself information in pregnancy? Are you reading pregnancy books? Visiting websites? This is all good but don't forget to explore what you have locally. Many cities and towns have lots of local stores and businesses that cater to pregnant women and new families. Get out and see if anyone is having a baby shower event anytime soon. You can usually find one at some point in your pregnancy, though the earlier the better.

Have you thought about prenatal testing? If you haven't already been asked or started the screening process, around this time frame is when many of the genetic screenings are performed. You do not have to do them, even if considered high risk. Be sure to talk to your doctor or midwife about what would be appropriate for you.

Have you told your boss that you're pregnant? You might be trying to skip that conversation. Don't. You want to be the one to tell your boss, not the grapevine, not your co-workers. You control the situation and tell them. Here are some hints.

Speaking of telling people, if you have other kids, have you told them? Some people say that you shouldn't tell little ones until after the first trimester is over. If you haven't spilled the beans yet, now is a good time to get more serious about sharing the news. This is sort of like the boss - the more people who know you're pregnant, the more likely they will be to talk to your child about it - before you have talked to them. It's certainly something that needs to come from you.

Are you still feeling crappy? Hang in there. I wish that as soon as you turned 13 weeks all the symptoms went away like a switch. Unfortunately for some people it's a slow shift. Hang in there, pregnancy is not forever, even when it feels that way. Keep your head down, go to your appointments. Get enough sleep and eat well. Move when you can. It's all good. This too will pass soon enough and it will all be a blur.

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My first baby! Everyone (including myself) thinks it's a boy. The father is worried that I'll be upset of it's a girl, but of course I won't be upset. I'm just anxious to know for sure what it is!

3D Ultrasound - 13 Weeks

13 Week 3D Ultrasounds
Photo © L. Day

It's a boy at 13 weeks!

13 Week Ultrasound - It's a Boy!
It's a boy!. Photo © H. Whynot

13 Week Ultrasound

13 Week Ultrasound
Photo © Anne

13 Week Ultrasound

13 Week Ultrasound
Photo © Paula

13 Week Ultrasound

13 Week Ultrasound
Thumb Sucker. Photo © K. Harrell

13 Week Ultrasound

Baby's Brain at 13 Week Ultrasound
Baby's Brain. Photo © K. Harrell

Ultrasound at 13 Weeks

13 Week Ultrasound Photo
Photo © H. Whynot

Week 13 Ultrasound Picture

13 Week Ultrasound - Heart Rate
Heart Rate. Photo © C. Stotz

Week 13 Ultrasound Picture

13 Week Ultrasound
Photo © C. Stotz

13 Week Vertex Baby

13 Week Ultrasound
Photo © C. Elliott

13 Week Ultrasound

Week 13 Ultrasound
Photo © S. Larner

13 Week Baby Thumb Sucker

13 Week Ultrasound - Thumb Sucker
Photo © T. House

13 Week Baby Face

13 Week Ultrasound - Face
Photo © T. House

Week 13 Ultrasound Picture

13 Week Ultrasound Photo
Photo © T. House

13 Week Ultrasound

13 Week Ultrasound
Photo © T. House

Week 13 Ultrasound Picture

13 Week Ultrasound
Photo © C. Gagnon

Week 13 Ultrasound Picture

13 Week Ultrasound
Photo © A. Rasmussen

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