Toilet Talk Walker

Free2Go Rollator fits directly over a standard toilet

mobility walker
Roll the rollator directly over a standard toilet so that the opening is aligned with the toilet bowl, set the brakes and lift the padded seat. You now have the benefits of a walking aid, raised toilet seat, and.toilet safety frame. Free2Go Rollator

It has become commonplace to read articles on the rapid increase in our aging population. We are provided with tools to help our family members "age in place." We install monitoring devices, ramps, and stair lifts, we purchase lift chairs, increase lighting, and remove throw rugs and other trip hazards. We make our way down the hall to the bathroom,  where we install grab bars and a shower seat. If money is not a problem, we may install a walk-in tub.

Have we missed anything?  I'm going to shout "YES!" and take this article in a whole new direction. We're going to talk "bathroom talk."   

Growing up, my family discouraged talking "bathroom talk, which was fine with me! So, what led me to writing an article about this taboo subject?  Here's my story.

My Mom was diagnosed with a disease resulting in the deterioration of the muscles. She uses a rolling walker ("rollator") to get around, as well as a commode over her toilet at home. The commode provides height to reduce muscle strain, while the frame assists with sitting, lifting and fall prevention. Although these products allow her to live safely and independently at home, she is less fortunate when going out.

There is a misconception that ADA-compliant restrooms accommodate anyone with a mobility impairment, however, this is not accurate as they are designed for people within a narrow band of impairments. 

Residential toilets are focused on aesthetics and low water usage, rather than meeting the needs of the millions who suffer from temporary or permanent physical limitations. Adult diapers are available, but for obvious reasons, this should not be the only viable option. 

I was astonished that portable toilet safety products did not exist.

Each of the toilet safety products on the market is designed for in-home or institutional use. How do we promote independence when one cannot perform the most basic daily living activity - using the toilet - safely in any restroom? Simply put, if you need an assistive product inside the home, you will most certainly require it outside the home.

Mom decided that a better alternative to sitting home and becoming recluse was to limit her food and beverage intake.  To be "safe" or reduce the chance of having to use the toilet, she chose not to eat or drink anything for a minimum of 5 hours, but usually closer to 24 hours to be "extra safe." I don't need to explain how dangerous this is for anyone's health, regardless of age or health issues. The embarrassment, fear, and anxieties  became somewhat crippling; the mindset being, "It's just easier to stay home."  This wasn't good enough for my Mom, and it is was not good enough for this rapidly increasing aging population. I knew I had to work to do!

As I took on the role of "inventor," I became fascinated by what my research revealed. Google became my best friend, spending hours together, night after night. Reduced mobility is not limited to the "aging" and not always "permanent." It may be the result of numerous life-altering illnesses, such as arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, or temporary impairments due to hip or knee surgeries, accident-related injuries, and even obesity.

This market was much greater than I had envisioned.

This journey has been challenging and at times overwhelming. Encouragement and passion have resulted in this life-changing product, the Free2Go Rollator. Simply roll the rollator directly over a standard toilet so that the opening is aligned with the toilet bowl, set the brakes and lift the padded seat.  You now have the benefits of a walking aid, raised toilet seat, and toilet safety frame! The Free2Go Rollator allows one to safely, confidently and discreetly use the toilet at home, in the homes of others, and in public restrooms. The 3-in-1 benefits make it ideal for travel.

 Is there another benefit? Yes, no more sitting on public toilet seats!  

Free2Go Mobility Products is committed to offering products that are truly "free to go" - safe, portable, discreet and - most importantly - promote independence.