University For Parents of People with Special Needs

University for Parents of Children with Special Needs. @elianatardio

I used to believe there was no such a thing as a school specifically for parents of people with special needs. In reality, there’s no university for typical parents so what would we expect but some ‘on the job’ training, right? For this reason, I was elated to learn that Family Network on Disabilities has created the first free online university, available for parents of children with special needs around the globe, available in several languages!

FND University is a 24-hour, online distance learning system that allows you to take a variety of trainings from the comfort of your own home or office. This fully interactive training platform also enables you to keep a transcript of all of your courses and receive a certificate of completion as each one is completed. Trainings include topics such as Understanding IDEA, Parental Engagement, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, and many more.

There are several trainings specially created to educate and empower families and they are all completely free. There are also several other learning opportunities categorized under Developmental Disability and Workforce Skills and Development, that are undoubtedly a great asset not only for parents who want to learn more about disabilities and services, but also to professionals and organizations in search of updated orientation and training on how to better serve their communities of people with special needs, and for individuals with special needs working to develop the skills and character to become leaders in their areas.

These courses have an honorary fee that varies between $15 and $40 per course, and provide college credits to students, parents and professionals who participate.

Courses have been split into eleven different categories for the convenience of the student. You’ll find Management Fundamentals, General Mental Health, Addiction, Children Youth and Families, and much more.

Take a look for yourself!

As the mother of two children with special needs, specifically Down syndrome, I’m a firm believer in education as the most important and valuable tool as we strive to provide our kids with the best opportunities possible for the full development of their abilities.

This statement is not new for anyone, as education is what creates the difference for any community of the world. But, in the special case of families of children with special needs, without the full understanding of our kids’ rights and possibilities, we will never be able to support them in the way they need to be successful and independent to the fullest extent possible.

I repeat this message a lot, but the more I learn as my kids grow, the wiser and more extensive my phrase gets: “No one is ever prepared to learn that their child has special needs of any kind. If parenthood by itself is a challenge, adding a new and unexpected chapter that will be rewritten several times over the years, is not an easy thing to digest.” That chapter is the experience of many like you, who have learned a lot and then shared their knowledge with new generations.

Those who have never given up on promoting awareness through their personal stories and goals of changing the future for their kids, and therefore ours as parents of children with special needs of new generations as well.

Luckily, many things have changed for good over the years, but for all the issues that we still need to adapt or eradicate, we count on the same tool: Education. Education evolves, transforms and is always our best ally for creating the change we need to open new doors and possibilities for our kids with special needs.

Embrace education now, take advantage of it and celebrate initiatives like this one, that share the knowledge of leaders on a mission to train new leaders, advocate for and create inclusive communities that celebrate diversity and different abilities.

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