Unusual Summer Camps for Teens

These Camps Prove There's a Summer Camp Opportunity for Everyone

Teenage girls laying in tents
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By the time they become teens, many kids aren’t interested in going to a summer camp that involves paddling a canoe and singing campfire songs anymore.  But, that doesn’t mean summer camp is out altogether. Fortunately, there are summer camps that will suit almost any teen’s tastes. And, many of them provide opportunities to prepare them for their future aspirations.

If you’ve got a teen who may be interested in a unique summer camp opportunity, check out these camps: 

1. Hollywood Stunt Camp

A teen who loves adventure and movies may enjoy Hollywood Stunt Camp. Teens learn a variety of stunts, including how to choreograph a fight scene, jump off tall buildings, and engage in hand-to-hand combat all for the sake of show business. They also gain an understanding of how real Hollywood stuntmen perform a variety of tricks without getting injured. Each camper gets to perform stunts for an original film and participate in a weekly show during the one or two-week camp sessions.  

2. Kids ‘N Comedy Camp

Kids between the ages of 10 and 18 can spend two weeks at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City to learn about improve, comic acting, and stand-up comedy. At the end of the two weeks of day camp, the kids perform a live show. If you’ve got an aspiring comedian on your hands, this camp has a lot to offer.

3. Rock Star Camp

If your teen’s an aspiring musician, rock star camp may be a fun opportunity to learn and play.

Located in Running Springs, California, Rock Star camp provides instruction to aspiring artists to help them improve their skills and their performances. All campers return home with a CD of their own music.

4. Camp BizSmart

 Camp BizSmart teaches kids ages 11 to 15 the skills necessary to operate a business.

Kids learn about everything from public speaking to negotiation. They work together on real-life projects and business cases for 10 days. Each camp session currently takes place in California and can be a great opportunity for any aspiring entrepreneurs.

5. Acting Camp

The School of Creative and Performing Arts offers an intensive summer program to teach teens about acting. Teens who are serious about a career in acting learn a variety of skills and tools to help them through auditions and on-camera performances. Each teen leaves camp with an online portfolio that can help them in their future endeavors. Camps are offered in New York City, Los Angeles, and Vermont.  

6. Animal Camp Jamaica

Campers from all around the world can spend two weeks studying marine biology and eco-tourism in Jamaica. Teens participate in daily snorkel adventures while studying fish on the coral reefs. They also volunteer with local schools and go on daily outings as they learn about the Jamaican culture.

7. Technology Camp

Instead of arguing with your teen to get off the computer this summer, send him to technology camp where he’ll gain socialization opportunities and learn new skills. iD Tech Camps are held in a variety of locations throughout the United States.

Some of them offer specialty courses in areas such as robotics, web design, animation, and app development.

8. Weight Loss Camp

Camp Jump Start offers teens a four or eight-week camp during the summer months. Campers learn how to lose weight and get healthy. They participate in a variety of exercise and nutrition based programs throughout the program. They also work on gaining self-confidence and dealing with issues such as bullying. The camp offers them opportunities to stay in contact after they leave camp so they can remain motivated to follow through with their new plans to manage their weight.

9. Community Service Camp

Rein Community Service programs offer teens a mixture of hard work and fun. Teens travel to beautiful places, like Hawaii, Ecuador, and Costa Rica to participate in a variety of community service activities for up to a month at a time. Students are assigned community service projects based on their skills and interests. While some teens may mentor children, others care for animals or help families in need.  

10. Emerging Writers Institute

If your teen aspires to be a serious writer, the Emerging Writers Institute offers a two-week summer program. The program takes place at various college campuses throughout. Teens participating in the program receive top quality instruction and editing from professional writers. By the conclusion of the program, each teen will have a piece suitable for publication. 

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