Updates to the South Beach Diet

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The South Beach Diet book's content was updated via The South Beach Diet Web site in April of 2004. The main changes were the addition of a few specified dairy products and the allowance of previously-discouraged vegetables. If you are using an early edition of The South Beach Diet book, you will want to make note of the following updates to The South Beach Diet:


South Beach Diet Changes

Some changes were made to the content of The South Beach Diet book before the release of its second edition. If you are using the the 2003 edition, please take note of the following updates.

Dr. Arthur Agatston, author of The South Beach Diet, announced the changes in April 2004, stating that the diet continues to evolve as more nutritional studies are done. (These changes are based on continuing research about the glycemic index.)


Additional Dairy Allowed

The South Beach Diet previously called for avoiding all dairy products in Phase 1, except for small amounts of fat-free, nonfat milk, 1 percent milk, or soy milk being allowed in coffee.

Now, two servings per day of the following foods can be included on the Foods to Enjoy list of Phase 1:


    • 1 percent milk
    • fat-free milk
    • low-fat plain soy milk (4 grams of fat per serving)
    • 1 percent or fat-free buttermilk
    • fat-free plain yogurt

    Upon entering Phase 2, you can introduce up to four ounces of artificially sweetened non-fat yogurt (flavored varieties) daily.

    Please note that any whole milk products are still to be avoided during all three Phases of The South Beach Diet.


    Tomatoes and Onions are Unlimited

    Tomatoes were previously limited, but now they can be consumed in any quantity during any phase of the diet.

    Previously, onions were limited to on-half of an onion each day on all Phases. They can also now be consumed in any quantity during any phase of the The South Beach Diet.


    Carrots Allowed

    Previously, carrots were on the Foods to Avoid List in the first two Phases. They were also limited in Phase 3. Now, carrots are allowed beginning with Phase 2.


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