Save Money with Pre-Owned Wheelchairs and Scooters

You Can Save Money on Mobility Aids, But Shop Wisely

Wheelchairs, power chairs, lifts, and scooters can be a difficult expense, especially for people who do not qualify for Medicare benefits. There is hope for those who want to be mobile, try the pre-owned marketplace instead.

Tips for Buying Used Mobility Equipment

There are many stores that specialize in reconditioned, pre-owned manual and electric wheelchairs, and many other types of wheelchairs, mobility vehicles and accessories. But shop wisely.

Questions to Ask a Dealership:

  • How do they recondition their products? Find out if they are merely applying a new paint job to the equipment or if they go through the entire device to make sure it functions properly.
  • How old and how many owners has the product had?
  • Has the product been discontinued on the retail market? If it was, was it recalled?
  • How easy is it to get replacement parts?
  • Does the reconditioned dealer provide a warranty?
  • If there are problems, how does the dealership plan to service your needs?

The Advantage of Buying Pre-Owned Equipment

The pre-owned mobility marketplace is a solid alternative to full retail. You can find reputable brand-name equipment for roughly half the price of new retail prices.

To help you get started with your pre-owned shopping experience, the product categories below will send you to Marc's Mobility of Lakeland, Florida.

Marc's is a pre-owned mobility dealership that has been in business since 1995. It is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and provides a warranty. The company has online ordering experience and will ship to just about any address that a major freight carrier will ship to.

I encourage you to engage any pre-owned dealership with questions. Ask them about their "re-conditioning" process. Marc's, for example, sells only "like-new" vehicles, most with less than 5 hours of use on them.

A power wheelchair.
A power wheelchair. Huntstock/Getty Images

Power wheelchairs are available in many categories and include:

  • Pediatric and Medium Sized Power Chairs
  • Large Power Chairs
  • Extra Large Power Chairs
  • Power wheelchairs with Lift, Tilt, Recline, and High-Speed features


To further your mobility range beyond your home, you will want a solution to take your scooter or wheelchair on the road.

Many people find that a lift is an essential accessory to get a power chair or scooter into their van. This gives them more freedom to run errands, visit friends and family, or get to work.

Powered mobility products can weigh hundreds of pounds, so a lift system can make this effort a breeze.


The manual wheelchair carrier with ramp is a less expensive alternative to powered lift systems.

They connect to the rear hitch of your vehicle, fold up when not in use. When needed, they fold down and allow the user to drive their chair or scooter up the ramp for transport.


New electric scooters cost between $3,000 and $5,000. Pre-owned and reconditioned scooters with established brands such as Pride and Rascal can be half that price.

The cost savings are significant and definitely a good option to look into.


Even the lesser expensive accessories, such as covers for your chair or scooter and batteries can be purchased used. The savings is not as dramatic, but still a savings nonetheless.

If you are already buying other items from a used dealership, the convenience of buying accessories at the same time makes sense. The can be included in the same shipment and save money there as well.


Portable ramps require no installation and they are easy to take almost anywhere.

Made of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, portable ramps fold and carry like a suitcase. They are a low-maintenance solution to navigating steps, curbs, vans and SUVs.


If you already own a wheelchair, scooter, or lift you may need a replacement part. It is often the little things that wear-out or break-down and the used market is the perfect place to find inexpensive parts.

Here are some accessories you can find at a discount:

  • Chargers for powered wheelchairs and scooters
  • Replacement seats for power chairs and scooters
  • Oxygen tank holders
  • Joystick controllers for powered wheelchairs
  • Leg rest components for wheelchairs
  • Covers and batteries
  • Wiring harnesses for wheelchair lifts


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