Useful Gadgets for People With Hand Osteoarthritis

Some Small Gadgets That Make a Big Difference

We use our hands to accomplish many different tasks. We typically don't often consider just how much we use our hands for simple tasks, such as turning a lamp switch or a door knob. Simple tasks can be made difficult, though, if you have hand osteoarthritis.

The good news is that there are assistive devices designed specifically for individuals with hand osteoarthritis. These items allow simple tasks to be simple again!

Big Lamp Switch

Big Lamp Switch
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Do you ever have difficulty turning a lamp switch on or off? Such a task should be simple. But, osteoarthritis makes such simple tasks difficult and painful. The Big Lamp Switch has a three-spoked knob to provide more leverage. All you have to do is unscrew and remove the original knob, then replace it with the Big Lamp Switch. This gadget fits most standard lamps. More.​

Doorknob Extender - 5" - Set of Two

Doorknob Extender
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Door knobs can be another problem for people with hand osteoarthritis. Gripping and turning just became with the Doorknob Extender. The Doorknob Extender converts a regular door knob into a door lever, which provides the necessary extra leverage for those who need it. The Doorknob Extender fits right over a standard door knob and is easy to install using a screwdriver. More

Tube Squeezer - For toothpaste, Ointments and Lubricants

Ableware Tube Squeezer
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Do you have trouble squeezing a tube of toothpaste? Does it bug you that you have to throw out a tube before squeezing out every bit of toothpaste because it's just too difficult and too painful for your hands? The Tube Squeezer protects your joints and eliminates the waste. This gadget can be used with any metal or plastic tube up to 2 inches wide. Just insert the tube, twist the side key, and the contents of your tube are squeezed out easily.


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Do you leave your flat sheet untucked when changing your bed, simply because it hurts your hands to tuck it in? Hand osteoarthritis can make bed-making difficult.The Bedmaker is a durable plastic gadget that raises the mattress enough so you can more easily tuck in the sheet. Advertised as a gadget that saves your back, the Bedmaker works to save your hands, too. More. 

Outside Faucet Turner

Outside Faucet Turner
Image provided by Aids for Arthritis

Outdoor faucets can become hard to turn under the best circumstances. For people with hand osteoarthritis, they can be nearly impossible. The Outside Faucet Turner is a plastic tool that fits nearly all faucets and valves, including those on hot water heaters and shut-off valves for water lines. The gadget gives you the leverage you need to turn faucets and valves on and off with ease. More

Pot Mover - PotMover Caddy

Pot Mover Caddy
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Many people with arthritis love gardening, especially planting flowers in pots. However, pots can be difficult to move once they are filled with dirt and they become heavy. The Pot Mover protects your hands, as well as other joints. Simply wedge the footplate underneath the potted plant, secure the arms around it, tilt the Pot Mover back, and move your plant anywhere you want it to be.

Able Table Book Holder Stand

Able Table Book Holder Stand
Image provided by Patterson Medical

Do you love to read? Do you find that you don't read as much as you once did because it has become difficult to hold a book? The Able Table Book Holder Stand is an over-the-lap table, which adjusts up or down, as well as side to side. It tilts too (up to 180 degrees). Elastic vertical and horizontal straps secure your book to the stand. If reading is your hobby, don't let osteoarthritis stop you. More

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